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October 22, 2009 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

With T-minus 18 days until rehearsals start, I have been very busy trying to get my life in order. This isn't like any other contract I have accepted. For one, it lasts nine months, which is about four months longer than the longest contract I've done. And for another, I'll be out of the country. Planning for a trip abroad that lasts three-fourths of a year has proven to be thought provoking, to say the least.

It starts with little things. For instance, there are a lot of things, taken for granted, that I now need to make sure I have enough of to last me through the contract. Ie: medicines, contacts,  my favorite chapstick, etc. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm not sure if the people of Thailand are as aware of how wonderful BurtsBees products work, as we are.

Then there is what I refer to as my "foundation work". This has included such endeavors as calling to lower my car insurance rates (since I won't be driving), making sure my Mom has all of my receipts for tax right-off's, come tax season, and (most recently) my last teeth cleaning at the dentist and a quick wisdom tooth surgery!

I cannot complain though! There have been some perks to the preparation. Although saying goodbye is going to be hard, you may have noticed that I have added to my itinerary a trip to D.C! I am going to hang out with my sister, Jamie and her husband, Jared. I cannot wait for that! We are going to have so much fun! I will also be traveling to Indianapolis, IN to hang out with Nic, and his Mom Joyce! It will be my FIRST time to Indianapolis and I'm anxious to have the opportunity, seeing how it's been since this past summer that I've gotten to visit with J to the OYCE!

Nic?....I see often! He is here now in fact! This is his last visit to Pittsburgh before the cruise, and we have been having an awesome time. Busy, but awesome! You see, when we first were offered this contract, we both brought up the fact that it is a neccessity that we make an investment in a really nice, high-quality camera. A simple point-and-shoot wouldn't suffice!

Well, seeing as how neither of us know very much about photography, nor the lingo, it has proven to be a little challenging, not to mention time consuming. BUT (big but there!) with the help and amazing advice from some of our more knowledgeable friends/family, along with hours of researching online, we have finally made our purchase (and found a really good deal on it). We sill be shooting with a brand new Canon Rebel XS! It is an amazing camera and I am so excited to start playing with it!

(Go to my friend, Kristen's website! She's was the biggest help and is an amazing photgrapher! Check her out under my "LINKS" section!)

Canon Rebel Xs






I couldn't stop there! Like I said, preparation has it's perks! I recently became aware of two things. One: the new Flip Video Cameras & Two: E-BAY! Well, put the two together and what do you got? Another great deal on an electronic that is going to be make the journey SO much better! This camera is so cool! It fits in my pocket and has a built in USB port (super convenient) and it's so easy to use! Looking forward to sharing videos GALORE with you!

Mino Flip Video

Success is what happens when opportunity meets preparation!





October 23, 2009
I love you noon! Wow, your website looks so NICE, haha. It must be the absence of pictures at the bottom.
October 23, 2009
I am so thrilled for you to be able to travel the world and see so many amazing places! What a way to get to see it by doing what you love to do! I know you and Nic will have so much fun exploring all of these new places, cultures and customs. Keep each other safe! I love you!
October 25, 2009
CONGRATS!! This is so cool!! I wish i could come on the cruise!! Miss ya!! Keep me posted!!
October 29, 2009
I hope you're proud of me since I finally confirmed the email! Anwaysss, I am sad because Friday is our last day together! :( Who else am I going to gossip with about our sooo very attractive co-workers? I'll be lost for awhile but I hope I find my groove back. Also, I just wanted to tell you that I love you dearly and I'm going to miss you so much! Please be safe and have an absolute fabulous time. I know you'll be amazing as you perform, and of course, Nic too! Don't forget about me awhile you're gone cause I'll miss you and our sexy Scions being parked beside one another! My TC will be so lonely without her friend, xD. Take care and have a blast babe. I looove you and I'll miss you tons!!

Love Me :)

P.S. - Don't forget my sand from Fiji!! Haha
November 8, 2009
What can I say?? you are my best friend in the whole world and I am going to miss you like crazy! I'm so glad that we got to have some really great times together before you left. I know that you are going to have the time of your life! And you deserve this so much! I hope that this trip is everything that you want it to be and more. I told myself to stop crying when I left you the other night because I know this is going to make you so happy. Be safe. Be good. And keep in touch. I love you with all i got my dear :0) take care and know that you are missed greatly.

love you always,
Miss :0)
November 10, 2009
I am so happy you arrived at cocoa beach and are beginning the first of many new experiences! Be safe, be happy and enjoy this time!
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