November 9, 2009 - Cocoa, Florida, United States

They say "X marks the spot". Well, right now (and for the next three and a half weeks), my spot is Cocoa Beach, Florida!

I left Pittsburgh on Sunday, November 8th and traveled to Orlando, Florida. After a quick lay-over in Newark, New Jersey I landed at the Orlando Airport, which is the closest to where we are living/rehearsing (just about 45 minutes). Well, you can probably guess what that means! DISNEY WORLD!! Needless to say, you can rest assure that at least one of our days off will be spent at the 'happiest place on Earth'! (Especially because I got hooked up with free One-Day Park Hopper passes!)

Anyway...I digress. After two amazing weekends, one in D.C with my sister, Jamie, and the other in Indianapolis to visit Nic and Joyce, I was back in the Burgh' to spend my last moments with family and friends! It was definitely bitter-sweet. On October 31st, I went to a Halloween wedding with my best friend Missy. We had so much fun! And it was even more awesome because I got to see and spend a bit more time with Trisha and Stacey, my favorite people from work!

Mickey & MinnieTrisha, Stacey, Me, & Missy

Speaking of which, on my last night at work, Trisha surprised me with this cake! She rocks! Thanks Trisha! That was so thoughtful and sweet of you. And it was an ice cream cake, so SUPER YUMMY!

Bon Voyage Cake

My last night was spent with family and close friends! Me, my Mama, and company went to Moneray Bay, an AMAZING seafood restaurant on Mt. Washington! It was delicious, and the most PERFECT way to spend my last moments. Thanks Mama! I love you! And thank you to everyone who came to wish me off well! It meant so much to me, and I am already missing you all!

Bon Voyage Dinner!

...Now, I am in Cocoa Beach. As I said, I arrived Sunday evening. Nic picked me up from the airport and we made our way to the Dixie Apartments. After checking in, we made our way up to our room to check it out before we unloaded the car. Seeing as how we were the last ones to arrive, the entire rest of the cast was already here. We met them all! We congregated outside of the three side-by-side apartments we are staying in and took some time to introduce ourselves to each other.

I am so happy to report that every last one of them seem like really cool people. Of course, there is still so much to learn and get to know about them all, but so far I am really optimistic that we have a great cast and are going to have a blast traveling the world together.

After what was probably an hour and a half of gabbing, Nic and I unloaded our car and got settled in. We share our apartment with two female dancers in the cast. I don't want to digress because I plan on my next entry, "MEET THE CAST", to be posted soon!

Today we had our medical examinations and physicals. We also took care of costume measurements and paperwork for neccessary Visa's and Tax Information. It finally is all starting to hit me that I am here and actually have already begun this journey.

Thank goodness it hit me today, otherwise, who knows if I'd be ready for our first day of rehearsal set for tomorrow at 10:00am!

...after the STEELERS win this game...



Mickey & Minnie
Trisha, Stacey, Me, & Missy
Bon Voyage Cake
Bon Voyage Dinner!


November 10, 2009
Love this website!! I feel like at least I can see what you are doing and how things are going for you. Pictures are so good too, love the cake from Tricia and the group wedding shot of you all!
Kathy Putas:
November 10, 2009
I love you Erich and I love being able to see pictures and hear everything you are doing. Tell Nic I said hello.
November 10, 2009
Such GREAT pictures! I am going to miss you so much but am SO excited for you and the journey you are about to embark on. LIVE IT UP and don't take a single day for granted. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
November 10, 2009
Hey Love! You're welcome for the cake :) You mean tons to me n I thought that was a little way of showing you. Those pictures are cute as well, very sexy lookin people ;) Haha. Have fun n good luck. Love you Brother <3
November 13, 2009
Mom gave me the website so now i can keep tabs on you and nic. Take it all in and enjoy every minute you can.P.S. do not work to hard.
Luv Ya Cin
George & Vera:
November 14, 2009
dearest Erich
It is so great that we can follow you this way.You and Nic will be just fine. I am thrilled that all looks good so far. All my love and kisses Vera
November 15, 2009
hey my love,
I must say it really does make me feel good that i feel like i can still be in touch with you while you travel the world! It makes me so happy that everything is going well so far. I know you are going to love every minute :0) i love you and i miss you bunches!!!!

xoxo love, Miss
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