November 14, 2009 - Cocoa, Florida, United States


Today marked the completion of the first week of rehearsals. It's been a very productive week! We have already finished one entire show. It's called "Champagne". It's really exciting! This is the show that we will perform for such events as the Captain's Dinner. Most of the songs in the show either mention or are all about champagne. Therefore, before the show, we actually have a toast with the audience. (My kinda show!! Haha) I thought that's a pretty neat touch. (I'm going to try to get some videos of rehearsals up soon.)

The progress, like I said, has been amazing. Our Choreographer, Zack, and Music Director, Dan, have said that we are one of the best casts that have come through. They say we are moving way ahead of schedule and pick things up really fast. That was encouraging to hear! And I must say, I agree! We are already moving on (and half way done) with the second show, "Listen to the Music".

Everyone in the cast is wonderful. The singers sound incredible, and us dancers are really starting to look (although I hate this word) fierce! We are falling in sync already. Speaking of which, I came up with a little fun idea for us all to wear tube socks to rehearsal on Thursday. It was just a way for us to bond. Silly, but it worked!

Tube Sox

Then, to further the bonding experiences, on Friday night, we had our first group outing. We all went to the Olive Garden for dinner. This really helped! Everyone seemed to finally have a chance to unwind and just socialize without worrying about memorizing lyrics or going over dance steps.

Olive Garden

I want to take this time to introduce you to my cast! This way, if I ever refer to anyone inparticular, you'll have a better idea as to who I'm talking about! Or atleast you can put a face to the name!


The Boys

(From Left to Right):

NIC: Nic, my boyfriend, is the other male dancer in the show. Myself, being the other one. He is of course amazing and we are having a lot of fun being in another show together. But we do miss our HSM peeps!!

SOREN: Soren is the baritone in the shows and has an incredible voice. He is from Nashville, Tennessee and is married to the alto in our show. Soren is the all-around nice guy of the group. He is very laid back and goes with the flow. And, he brought Mario Kart Wii, so how can I not like him!?

GABE: Gabe is the tenor in the shows and this contract on the Voyager will mark his 13th with PGT! He is the only one of us who isn't new to ship life. At first, honestly, I was a bit anxious to see how he'd act around us. I am SO happy to report that he has been nothing but AMAZING!! I think it's so easy to be a bit snooty or pompous when you've been through it all before, and he's not like that at all. Plus, he is hilarious. He's really been a huge help to us all!


The Girls

(From Left to Right)

KELSEY: Kelsey is one of the four female dancers in the show. She is a sweetheart! She is from Connecticut and is super nice! Nic and I surprised her today and took her to Sonic because she's never been to one! She loved it!

ERIN: Erin is another female dancer from Long Island, New York. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the fun accent that normally goes with it! She is definitely the quietest one of the group. She seems to just take everything in. This is her very first professional contract, and I figure that she is going to be the one that breaks out of her shell the most!

BECKIE: Beckie is yet another one of our female dancers and is from the U.K! And although unlucky for her (seeing as how I can't resist from immitating her 24/7) she HAS the dialect to go with it. She is super fun and very much the party girl! She's also my roommate here at the apartments! Perfect match, eh?

CARLY: Carly is our soprano in the shows. She is hilarious and so talented. She went to Elon University in North Carolina and is actually friends with several of my very close friends. Her personality is very fun and definitely matches her hair, which I love!

KAITLYN: Kaitlyn is the final of the four female dancers. She is a really fast learner and definitely helps us keep things in count and in order. She is from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Can't wait to see what she is like once we hit the crew bar!

VANESSA: Vanessa is our alto, and is married to Soren. They make a great couple because she is equally as friendly, and equally as talented. Vanessa is from Miami, and she is definitely the COOL Mom of the group! Don't get me wrong, she's not old! In fact, I am older than her, but she just fits the description. She's already pledged to take care of all the sewing that may need done!

Well, there ya have it! The 2009/2010 Voyager Cast! I am having such a great time working with and getting to know all of them! I am sure I am going to have plenty of stories unwravelling with every port we go to. It's going to be interesting to see how we all grow and what we learn from one another. Here's to the journey! And as we toast before our show, "Champagne"...



P.S. Going to Disney World tomorrow!!



The Boys
Tube Sox
The Girls
Olive Garden


November 15, 2009
It is so nice to be able to follow you and your castmates around the world. Looks like all is well and you sure are a great looking group!! Glad you had the night to bond....makes things more relaxed when you get to spend time out away from the hard work. I love you and look forward to seeing the next entry.
George & Vera:
November 15, 2009
thank you so much for keeping us up to date on all the details. It is incedible how much work you put into everything you do. Thank you again for making this all possible for all of us. Love Vera
Hey Erich....just a quick note here. If you're interested, The Space Shuttle will be launching out of Kennedy Space Center tomorrow afternoon at 2:28. If you get a break from your rehearsals, take a look north from Cocoa to Cape Canaveral & KSC to see the launch. It's something to see....and in about a year they will no longer be flying and you'll never see a live launch again. Cheers, George
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