November 18, 2009 - Cocoa, Florida, United States

Just wanted to give another quick update:

Today we finished our second show, "Listen to the Music". It is a revue of all 70's music. Think of everything from Cher's, "Half Breed" to the Partridge Family's, "I Think I Love You". It's a bit 'cheese-tastic', but the dancing in it is actually quite invloved, and pretty challenging. And you can't go wrong with a good chair dance or microphone choreography, both of which are included at parts of "Listen to the Music"!!

I'm happy to report that we are still about two days ahead of schedule. Tomorrow we will start our third, and final show, "Ballroom Bravo". I'm not sure what to expect for sure, but I promise to let you know as soon as I get a good handle on it!


Earlier last week, Nic and I made our way to Cocoa Beach. We wanted to check it out and play around a bit with our new camera. Which, by the way, we are learning more about each day! It's [photography] a fun hobby we've been focusing on. Well, that, and the "Twilight" series. (We hopped on the bandwagon late, so we, just now, are reading "New Moon", but are definitely obsessed!)

Anyway, the beach was cool. There weren't a lot of people there, seeing as how it's the "off-season", but that allowed for some good pictures. After the beach, we made our way into what the locals refer to as "The Village" of Cocoa. It's a really cute, quaint area that's not far at all from the building where we rehearse. After strolling the marina a bit, we stopped for a quick lunch and then made our way back for rehearsal.

                 Seaweed & ShellSea Grass 2Beach 2

                 Marina 1VillageVillage Shops


And, finally, (and this one's for you George) living in Cocoa Beach means one other pretty cool thing. We are only miles away from Cape Canaveral, which is where they launch Nasa's Space Shuttles. And, fortunately for us, we were able to witness this just the other day on Monday, November 16th at exactly 2:28pm! It was so cool! Time didn't permit us to drive to the Kennedy Space Center to see it, but believe it or not, we saw (and heard) the whole thing right from our apartments. The sound of it was really intimidating. It seemed so far away, but I heard it as though it was right over my head. And I even felt it, as though it was an earthquake! Definitely a very cool experience!


10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...and BLAST OFF!!!






George & Vera:
November 19, 2009
Very cool, very cool. I'm glad that you got time to catch the launch, it's a great experience. Some time I'll show you a film I caught of it launching from about a mile away. When I managed the construction of a fiber optic system that we put into Kennedy Space Center back in the 90's I got privileged access. Spent a lot of time at Cocoa and the Space Coast. If you can fit it in, try to get a ride on an air boat into the wetlands. Places are close there in Cocoa & Cocoa Beach. A great experience of flying over the water you just can't miss. Great pix, incidentally! GK
Uncle Jim:
November 19, 2009
Hi Erich,
Neat pics. The shuttle launch would be a great experience, I hope to see one some day. Sam works at NASA in Miss. where they test the engines.
Glad to hear rehearsals are going well. Break a leg.
Love, jim
November 19, 2009
Love the update! I really look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your posts. The pictures are great and the beach looks inviting for sure. Well happy days love you.
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