November 23, 2009 - Cocoa, Florida, United States

 This past weekend, the entire cast (minus Gabe) made our way down to South Beach. It was amazing! After working very hard this past week, we definitely needed to utilize our day off the best way we could. And what better way to relax and unwind than at a real life Cuban wedding!? Maybe I should explain.....?

.....You see, my castmate, Vanessa (who is from Miami originally) has a sister, Andrea, who was getting married this past Sunday. And believe it or not, she invited each and everyone of us to the wedding. At first, we kindly rejected the offer, not wanting to impose. However, Vanessa stressed to us that she had already talked to her family and that this was more than okay. In fact, it was almost insisted upon. Vanessa is Cuban, you see, and her family and their culture are so incredibly welcoming! They instantly treated us as if we were part of the family.

The reception was beautiful! It was such a high-energy, fun event. Nic, Kelsey, and I sat at a table with a good friend of the family's, named Sandra. She was great! After we all introduced ourselves the conversation just kept rolling. We talked about everything from our upcoming contract, to special Cuban wedding customs. We drank. We ate. And, by God...we danced! The DJ, who was actually the same one from Vanessa and Soren's wedding, was perfect. The entire evening was a blast and I cannot thank Vanessa (and every single member of her family) enough for making us feel so welcome, and allowing us to experience a bit of their culture. And, of course, congratulations and good luck to Andrea and Jonathan!

Wedding Group Shot 3

Back tracking a bit...

We actually arrived in Miami a day before the wedding, on Saturday evening. We wanted to make a weekend out of it. We drove straight from rehearsal, about a three hour trip. Kelsey found us a great deal on a hotel that basically sat right on the beach. (Thanks Kelsey!) Upon arrival, we made our way directly to our rooms and immediately started getting ready for a fun evening out. And with the help of some Strawberry Smirnoff and Sprite, (thanks Kaitlyn!) preparing for our night on the town was almost enough fun in itself.

Ready to go

After walking a bit, and after the ladies got quite a few stares and whistles, we found the place where we'd start our evening (and where some of us (ahem) would finish as well). That being the case, I unfortunately, cannot recall the name of the restaurant/bar, but I do know they had great mojitos! We had a great time, drinking and laughing...continuously finding it hilarious everytime a guy would hit on Kelsey and she'd reply with, "I'm pregnant" (which she isn't, by the way). It was an amazing first night in Miami!

Miami Night Out

We all woke the next morning, feeling less than 100%, but determined to make our way to the beach! After a quick breakfast outside in the sun, we strolled a short block onto the sand. Along the way, we saw some ridiculous cars! (Ie: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Aston Martins, and Rolls-Royces) There is definitely some $$$ in Miami! The beach was perfect. It wasn't very crowded, and the sun was definitely shining! So much so, that Beckie actually got burnt...and in the middle of November!

Beach Time Fun

After soaking up some sun and swimming in the ocean, Nic and I made our way back to the hotel to get freshened up. His cousin, Amy, and her husband, Paul had driven from Ft. Meyers to meet us for lunch! It was a fun visit. We had lunch at a local restaurant, right off the beach. It was really nice to meet more of Nic's family, even if they aren't Steeler fans! Haha!

Nic's Family 2

And that pretty much brings us full circle! After our lunch is when we headed back to the hotel to prep for the wedding. Then we woke up early Monday morning to make it to rehearsal on time. The trip was so much fun and I am looking forward to when I can make it back to Miami and stay a bit longer. It really is a cool city!



P.S. A big shout-out to BRITTY....Happy Be-lated Birthday (Fuzzy Travel Style)!!! I hope your day was amazing! I miss you and really wish I could've celebrated with you. Send everyone my love!



Beach Day
Beach Day 2
Beach Time Fun


Stacey Lawson:
November 24, 2009
Nice pics...looks like you are having fun...I do miss you ..have a wonderful Thanksgiving...xo
Lil Boy:
November 24, 2009
Looks like you had an awesome weekend bud. :)
November 24, 2009
YAY!! Birthday shoutout :) I must say it was weird to have a birthday celebration without you present since you've been to like 21/23 of them. Miss and love you!!
November 25, 2009
Looks like you had a great time!! Guess you never get tired of sun and beaches. A warm Turkey Day, wish I was there. Love you Bunches
Kathy Putas:
December 1, 2009
Hi Erich,
I am so happy all of you are having a great time. This group looks like they like to party, your mother and I would fit right in!!!
Love, Kathy
George & Vera:
December 3, 2009
dearest Erich
I can see you had a lot more fun than I did these last few day's, good for you. Love you a lot. Vera
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