December 7, 2009 - Salvador, Brazil

Time: 11:30am

We were startled awake from Ring! Ring!….Ring! Ring!

Nic answered our telephone. It was Lorraine, our Cruise Director, on the end of the line telling Nic that he had a friend waiting for us at the end of the gangway! We found out that it was his friend Lynn, who is the Assistant Cruise Director on Oceania’s Insignia. They were ported right next to us! Seeing as how Lynn had recently worked for Regent, she and Nic had met in Charlotte (when he was d, just before our contract started and gave him some advice. Anyway, she remembered that we were on the Voyager and when she saw us ported next to her, called Lorraine and set up the meeting! We rushed to get dressed and headed to the gangway. What a small world!

Nic & Lynn 2

After we said hello and caught up, we made our way out to our second port of call in Brazil, Salvador de Bahia. Fortunately for us dancers, we had the entire day off so we had the time to go out and explore. (The singers had to rehearse for their show “Jazz Legends”)

Salvador, definitely smaller in size, didn’t have the same ‘big city’ feel as Rio de Janeiro. I liked that better! It felt considerably more “local” and had a lot more culture! The streets were narrow, with market places and vendors everywhere. There were stands with hundreds of coconuts and men waiting with machetes to cut into the top of one and stick in a straw! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any local currency or else I definitely would have treated myself to that beverage! And although I’m not entirely sure of the purpose, I took a picture of this man, who was one of many that would be on the street corner shaving down what appeared to be bamboo branches.


The day itself was beautiful. It had to have been at least 90 degrees outside! Nic and I walked around, sweating (in December!), and found a cool restaurant that was two stories tall and had a patio for outside dining on the second level. We made our way up and ordered a few appetizers off the menu. The dishes were great! One, as you can see, was basically hushpuppies that were filled with cheeses and spices. I didn’t really care for them that much. The other, steak with what the referred to as “bits of fries” was really delicious. The meat was better than I expected, although, the “bits of fries” was this very fine powder (ground of up French fries?) and didn’t have much flavor. It was still an enjoyable lunch and I was happy to get to taste some authentic Brazilian cuisine.

Lunch 3Lunch 4Lunch 5

After lunch we continued to walk around, taking in the sights and the breathtaking architecture. The buildings were built high on the cliff, most with vegetation growing on the outside of the missing windows. And even though some of these are signs of decay or abandonment, it carries a certain beauty to it. There was an observation platform that allowed for a great view of the city, but unfortunately we were unable to go up because of our lack of local currency!

View Tower 2Salvador 4

On the way back to the ship I, again, was saddened by the very clear signs of poverty. And although not as present in Salvador as in Rio, I came across this particular sad scene. I counted my blessings and was reminded of things to be thankful for.

PovertyPoverty 2Poverty 3

Salvador de Bahia was just another amazing locale to check off the list. On to Fortaleza!




Lunch 2


December 11, 2009
Wow again, you are so lucky honey. I wish I was sweating in "December". I am also glad at this time of year you realize how lucky we are! Lots to be thankful for that is true. Love you.
December 14, 2009
Sounds like an awesome day. It is great that you guys are partaking of the local cuisine and experiences. Keep trying as much of the local stuff and try to keep my son away from McDonalds please!! Love you.
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