December 9, 2009 - Fortaleza, Brazil

Today we docked in Fortaleza, Brazil. However, we were only at port for about 5 hours. That left little time for us to actually get off the ship and explore. And time was not on our side today. We not only had several rehearsals scheduled installing our next show, “Listen to the Music”, but we also had a mandatory Crew Drill. That schedule alone, adding in the fact that a short shuttle ride was necessary to get from the gangway to the end of the very long pier, it made it impossible to do much sightseeing.

That didn’t stop Nic and me from exiting the ship to at least touch ground in Fortaleza. After we literally did that, we made our way to the outer decks to take some pictures of the area. I was so surprised at how big Fortaleza was. You can see the city itself in the pictures. It’s huge! And given that fact, it also surprised me that it was such a quick stop. Regardless, similar to all of our ports of call in Brazil, Fortaleza was beautiful.


My favorite picture is of the lone puppy dog on the little secluded island-like beach! It reminded me a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean!

Puppy Dog 2

As I said, today we had our first Crew Drill. Basically we are each assigned to a different location on the ship, each having our own specific duties to fulfill. Then, every so often we will have mock drills. They only take about 25 minutes or so. I am assigned to Life Boat # 8, Deck #5. My responsibility is to hand out extra lifejackets to any passenger who may have forgotten theirs. I lucked out. Everyone else not only has to be present for crew drills, but they also have to do the Passenger Drill every cruise. I only need to do the Crew Drills. Well, Crew Drills, and then if the situation actually is for real!

Other than that, not much else is new on the Voyager. Rehearsals have kept me busy, but luckily not too busy where I haven’t been able to meet and socialize with some passengers. I met Dorothy and Edward, brother and sister, from Maine! They are so sweet. They are seven years apart, the oldest being 80ish. I’ve met them for drinks a few times now in the Horizon Lounge and have had the most fun listening to their stories of their evil older sister they both despise, to their time living in New York City. Edward has been living there so long he has an apartment on 37th and 3rd that he’s only paying $650 a month for! It’s a rent stabilized building. Incredible!

Then I’ve also met Josh, Kevin, Marcy, and Erin. Josh and Kevin are actually onboard with the Public Television guest lecturers, although they are still considered passenger status. And Erin and Marcy are actual passengers here on vacation. We all kind of gravitated together seeing as how we make up the under 60 crowd! They are so much fun! Marcy also lives in New York City and is a past life performer. She looks, sounds, and acts just like Bette Middler. Needless to say, we’ve had great times together. They’ve even invited Nic and me to their suite for a pizza/charades night! As soon as we don’t have rehearsals, we’ll be taking them up on that offer!

Miss and love everyone so much!




Me 2


December 11, 2009
I think you are doing an amzaing job. Brian came to the office today and he really really enjoyed your video of the cabin! He smiled the whole way through it. Nice to see that, I think he misses you alot! I look forward to the pictures of Fortaleza. Glad you are making new friends.
George & Vera:
December 12, 2009
Dearest Erich
The fact that you can let us take part in all of this is so teriffic. I check every day and it is like going to the movies or something like it.
Love Vera
December 14, 2009
super cool e! enjoy your time and remember. this is a once in a lifetome thing -- so who cares about a bad connection just SOAK in the coolness of what you are doing. totally jeal. xo
December 14, 2009
I'm glad you are getting to meet some of the passengers. I wondered if you would get to know any of them. I also smiled all the way thru the room tour video. I was sitting at Starbucks and I think people thought I was crazy. i just kept smiling and laughing out loud! Love you and miss you!
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