December 18, 2009 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Welp! One cruise down…who knows how many to go! Our first official cruise, Rio de Janeiro to Ft. Lauderdale, has come to an end today! It actually is really, really sad! Nic and I have met some really incredible people of whom I’m sure we will keep in touch with. It was sad to say goodbye to them. To recap, we met:

Dorothy & Edward: Brother and Sister, both originally from Maine. Now Edward lives in his rent stabilized apartment in New York City while his sister lives in Palm Beach Florida. They were the sweetest couple, except when they mentioned their evil older sister Priscilla!

Edward & Dorothy

Marcie & Sherry: Sisters, both of whom struck our interests right away! They were so sweet. Marcie is the Bette Midler look & sound-alike. She is a past performer who recently just bought an apartment in NYC and is about to take it by storm. And Sherry is an incredible, already retired business woman, about to start work on her newest idea of a Ballroom Dancing Co. I loved my time with them! We are planning to reunite in NYC when we travel there in May.

Marcie & Sherry

Erin: An incredible red-headed passenger who was onboard traveling with her Father, Aunt, and Uncle. She lives in California and is also an aspiring performer. Perhaps the sweetest person I’ve ever met, known to take shoes off when drunk.


KT, Craig, and Marilyn: The three cabaret performers on board! They were really incredible to watch! On the final evening, Craig and KT gave us complimentary copies of their CD’s!


Gwen Ifill: The political expertise on board working with Kevin and Josh!

Josh & Gwen

Kevin & Josh: Co-workers, both of whom were on board with the Public Television Program. We first met them on one of our very first days onboard, whilst getting a tour of the ship.  We spent countless nights in the Horizon Lounge with them, and ultimately our farewell and final get together was done on the deck outside of Horizons…

…Kevin sent us a telegram that read: “Top secret! Tell no one! Meet on the deck of Horizon Lounge at 10:37pm”. We, of course, were prompt. There were about 15 of us. We were told that this was tradition and he handed us all a sheet of paper. We were then asked to write down our wish for 2010. After we all finished, we placed them in the empty champagne bottle that was used to pour our glasses that we would soon toast. Along with our wishes, Kevin placed a twenty dollar bill as “incentive”, corked it and then asked Josh to do the honors! We lifted our glasses to toast the New Year along with our new friends as we watched the bottle fly far through the air and into the ocean! It was such a special experience! I couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to these incredible people! And fortunately, it isn’t goodbye, just “until next time”, seeing as how Kevin and Josh will both be onboard again in May!

Besides our fun adventures socially, we also had our third successful opening night, with “Champagne”. It was performed on December 16th, the last formal evening on the ship. We all were quite worried about how the show would go seeing as how we had a horrific dress rehearsal, but I suppose the superstitions are true (bad dress – great show) because everything went up without a hitch.

We weren’t able to get off ship right away when we reached Ft. Lauderdale, which was unfortunate seeing as how many of us had list of items that we needed to buy, and tasks we needed to accomplish. We were being held up by customs. It seems that the United States is the worst when it comes to this! Granted, we had to wait for every passenger to disembark before us crew could, but it took longer than expected due to some unorganized and disobedient passengers.

With that being said, we finally made our way off, about two hours behind schedule. We went with Kaitlyn, Carly, and her (& Nic’s) mutual friend named Chandon who lives in the area and was gracious enough to pick us up and drive us to the nearby shopping plaza with a Target, bank, grocery store, etc. It was so nice of her!  It was an extremely hectic day running around everywhere (did I mention it was raining?), but we managed to get everything taken care of and get back to the ship in time.

Back to ship life!





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December 28, 2009
You certainly have been having a good time with new friends and quite the social life. I love the corked bottle idea!!! It is so nice you have met so so many nice new people to add to your evergrowing circle of friends. You are really lucky!! I love you lots.
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