September 2, 2010 - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but we finally made it – our last visit to St. Petersburg! Nine separate weeks we’ve visited this major Russian city, visiting three days and two overnights each time, spending a grand total of twenty-seven days, almost an entire month in one port of call! Isn’t that crazy?! So, I’m sure you can imagine that although grateful and appreciative that that length of time allowed me to see and do everything there is to do in St. Petersburg, you can also understand that I am well ready to say a quick goodbye and get on with my journey around the world!

With that being said, this, our ninth and final visit to St. Petersburg was extremely enjoyable! (If you are wondering then why this entry is not entitled “St. Petersburg # 9” instead of “St. Petersburg # 7”, it is because one visit I literally didn’t get off the ship at all, writing a “Ship Life” entry instead, and the other one was when I went on my trip to Moscow.) Anyway, on our first day in town, we had another picnic, similar to the one we had a few weeks prior, although this time (after getting our sandwiches from Subway), we set up camp in the park just opposite of the Church of Spilled Blood. We figured this way we would be close to church so that after our picnic Carly, Nic and Kelsey could all tour the inside. They were the only ones left who hadn’t done so before. We also wanted to do a little last minute shopping at the market place just in front of the cathedral. I took everyone to the stand that I was most familiar with and knew had good trinkets. Sasha was the name of the girl who worked there and because I was such a frequent customer she always gave me the best deals. This time she should’ve given me something for free because everyone I referred to her bought something, but alas, she did not. And that was how we spent one of our last days in St. Petersburg.

The next day, I attempted to get off the ship and use the internet at the WiFi tent distanced not far from the ship, but when I got there my computer wasn’t recognizing the wireless router so I walked right back to the ship. I wasn’t too bothered. I had a lot to catch up on and could use the extra downtime. I was just happy to have gotten some fresh air. After all, the second to last day had just as beautiful weather as the first for our picnic.

The third day, however, we were not so lucky. The typical September St. Petersburg weather was in full force – rainy and chilly. So, needless to say, I spent the day onboard. My last impression of the Russian city wasn’t a very great one, dark and depressing, but we did have one thing to look forward to that final night in St. Petersburg – another Entertainment Department hosted party in the crew bar. This time the theme was “End-of-Summer-Luau” party!

So, with the crew bar decked out in leis and cardboard Polynesian hula dancers, we toasted the evening off and partied the night away. We even had the chance to guest bartend the event. Taking turns, we all had our shot behind the bar. It was a great, entertaining night to celebrate the end of the summer and the end to our time in the Baltic Region!




7th St. Petersburg
7th St. Petersburg (2)
7th St. Petersburg (3)
7th St. Petersburg (4)


September 15, 2010
Finally, a goodbye to Russia! Vera never did get there, maybe someday. Glad you had your picnic on the good weather day! You are right about a free trinket!! Did you ask, probably not. You should have hinted at that idea maybe she would have treated you to something!! Crew party sounds like fun.
September 15, 2010
Very cool posts! Just caught up on all of them. Can't wait to see you IN A WEEK!
September 18, 2010
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