September 7, 2010

Today marks our first official sea day in over two and a half months! Isn’t that weird!? I have to use the word “official”, though, because September 3rd also turned into an unplanned, unexpected sea day. Due to strong winds and bad weather, we were unable to pull into port in Tallinn, Estonia, which was a bit of a bummer because it would’ve been our last time there. And because Tallinn was another one of our favorite ports in the Baltic, we felt cheated of a proper “goodbye”. But that’s ship life, and here we are once again with a full day floating in the middle of the sea, on our way to back to Amsterdam!

The Baltic is officially over! Done! Complete! Now it’s on to (maybe not bigger or better necessarily, but definitely) different things! Like I said, tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam. That’s no different. We’ve been there before. But then everything after that will be brand spanking new! Life should shortly begin to feel just as it did on the World Cruise – a new port every single day, making sure to run off and soak up as much of it as you can! I’m looking forward to that! Especially because soon we will be going to locations I’ve dreamed about visiting ever since I was little! We are all feeling very optimistic about our last moments onboard and can’t wait to see what the new itinerary will bring!

I know one thing that it will bring for sure – my Mama! And now, not just my Mom, but also my brother and sister!! Yep! That’s right! Both of them have been approved to come onboard as well. This is seriously my dream come true! All those wishes on all those eyelashes I’ve made these past nine months, all the coins I’ve thrown into the countless fountains, and all my prayers are being answered and coming true. It’s amazing! I cannot wait to be able to say to them, “Welcome Aboard!” This will be our first true family vacation since…I honestly cannot even recall. It’s going to be so much fun and I am beyond anxious to travel part of the world with them and create life long memories and experiences!

Yes, welcoming my family will definitely be a great joy and pleasure, but before they even arrive, we’ll be welcoming a brand new Cruise Director into our little family. Although we haven’t met her yet, we know her name is Dionne. She, herself, used to be a PGT dancer, and from what we’ve heard, is a true sweetheart, very easy to work for.

It will definitely be weird to get a brand new boss this late in the game, one we’ve never met or worked with before. Up to this point, we’ve only had either Jamie or Lorraine. Speaking of which, that in itself is definitely going to be a big and difficult change – saying goodbye to Lorraine, not knowing for sure when we’ll ever cross paths again. Lorraine was our very first Cruise Director when we got onboard and we’ve definitely grown very close to her since she’s been back. It will certainly be sad to say goodbye. None of us are looking forward to it.

So yes, as usual, a lot of new events and changes are happening here on the Voyager. One other thing that I’ve been involved with (thanks to Lorraine in fact) is an event onboard called “The Liars Club”. It’s a ‘late night laughter’ show we do once a cruise (on the longer ones). It’s very similar to the game shows, “To Tell the Truth” or “Call my Bluff”. There are four panelists (liars) who are given a real word from the dictionary. Then, they present to the audience their definitions of those words and the teams have to guess which is the one telling the truth and which are lying.

I have had so much fun being one of the panelists! In fact, it’s probably my favorite thing I do onboard now! It just gives me a chance to act, to play a character and make people laugh. I’ve gotten a really great response, too! Lorraine told me that I am one of the best, funniest liars she’s seen. That meant a lot, especially because she has been at this for about 16 years! But the bottom line is that I just have a blast doing it and I love entertaining people, and “The Liars Club” has been a great outlet to do just that!




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September 19, 2010
Sounds like life onboard is never dull!! I am so glad you are looking forward to the visit with your family, We sure are too!! I know it must be difficult to say goodby to the people you have grown close to and then to forge a new relationship with new people at this late date, but that is what life is full of "changes". Nothing ever remains the same and you surely adapt very well to the changes you have been through. I hope we get to see the new game you love so much, sound like so much fun!!
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