Bonjour Bordeaux

August 1, 2009 - Bordeaux, France

 Bordeaux, a place Kristina wanted to visit the first time we arrived in France but due to the awful weather (granted it was Feb) we had to move on as quickly as possible. So as we meander through France for the fourth time on this journey we made sure we stopped by.

Bordeaux's motorways were busy and we were stuck in traffic for a looonnnggg time. We got worried cause the campsite we were heading to stated 'booking essential' and we hadn't, why change a habit of a lifetime? But with time creeping on it seemed like a good idea to give them a phone. 'Bonjour, parlez vous anglais? No? Ok.....' Standard Grade French here we come!!! Kristina managed to book us a pitch for two nights with some helpful words here and there from Chris, our teachers would have been proud. When we arrived the campsite had a 'full' sign at the door, lucky, lucky.

Then next day we headed for Bordeaux, a quick bus and tram ride and forty five minutes later we are in the city. It's a bit quiet and then it dawns on us it's Sunday. So we wander around closed Bordeaux. We was a lovely looking city, the architecture magnificent. All was not lost though, we did find a food market and it had the most delectable food, the fish were so fresh they were being gutted before us. Shame we bought sandwiches, but it didn't stop us tasting some delicious Bordeaux wine from various years before buying a bottle. Save it for later!

It wasn't the sunniest of days and the muggy feeling felt rain a brewing, this didn't stop Chris from taking off his socks and shoes and walking through a massive puddle of a water feature, don't worry everyone was doing it, one boy had taken off all his clothes and was having a fabby time. The rain did appear and it was funny holding Chris while he dried his feet with his socks and tried to put on his shoes whilst also holding an umbrella to protect us from the pouring rain.

We took some fabulous pictures of a statue/fountain in the heart of Bordeaux, it was built to represent freedom we loved it. Bordeaux had a lovely atmosphere, even in the empty streets we were glad we visited.



A big cock
Chris in the fountain
Freedom and ominous clouds
Kristina at a fabulous market
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