Why Fakowee??

May 6, 2008 - Fergus, Canada

For those of you who wonder what is or why are we using the name "Fakowee" let me explain.  It's from an old joke that I think my friend Don Bradley told me years ago.  And, yeah, its kind of lame but it has stuck im my memory for and maybe there was a reason it did??

So the story goes that the the Fakowee tribe, a curious group of pygmies from deepest, darkest Africa, who journey through the dense jungle in  pursuit of new territory, conquests & adventure. After days of trekking through the thick jungle's underbrush and high grasses, they find themselves atop a huge rise. The tribal chief, tired and exhausted, brushes aside the  tall grass, raises his hand to his brow to block the sun and gazez across the vast expanse, uttering the words..."Where the fakowee??"

Despite of, or maybe because of, the joke's groan-producing punchline, it has been been trotted out over the years, often for no particular reason, yet it is always met with an laugh or two.

I think Ann and I have adopted some of this fictitious tribe's spunk and curiousity as we embark on our own quest to discover new (to us) territory and adventures. Like the pygmies,we too will be brushing aside our own "tall grasses", peering out and exclaiming "where the fakowee?"

So, if only for the sole purpose of organizing ourselves,we will be documenting our journey and letting family and friends know where the fakowee, as the next chapter of our lives unfold.


September 14, 2009
Can't wait to follow you on your adventure! If we cannot go along, we can live vicariously...
See you in Greece next September!! I have booked it, Dano!! Love and best wishes, S
Doc Ferguson:
September 14, 2009

Great technology. Glad you're blogging. Stay safe!
Less playing with the pink stuffed animal on the dash and more driving!!

Anne & Ted:
December 20, 2009
Hope you two are well and having a great time. Missing you at our gathering but will be sharing drinks with you in spirit. Love from all of us!
Anne & Ted xx
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