On To Germany

March 7, 2013 - New York, New York, United States

Today is the day to really start the journey, we decided last night we were too tired to travel then so we waited till today to ride the rails. Wanted the 11 train but the price increased during the day by $90, so we waited to take the 12:30. Beth Forsyth let us stay another night and the suggested she keep our car, I would drive her to work, give her my car and we would drive mine to train station and she would pick up our car there. After the transfer, back at her house, I realized our other set of keys were locked inside the car. So I had to drive Beth's car back to Consignment shop, get my keys, drove back, took a shower, then realized the time had flown and we still needed to get our keys to Beth and to the station on time. A bit of uneasiness between spouses about the car switch, but we made it to station in time. When we arrive the board says Amtrak #92 is on time, of course, the train is delayed a half hour, then an hour, and finally at 2:10 we board. More delays on the track, a freight backup, probably rushing to beat the snowstorm. At 5:15 we pull out of Union Station in D.C.  The rest of ride was timely, staying 1 3/4 hours late. Get to Penn Station, leave our checked bags there for free, to be picked up tomorrow and also check 2 others in for $5 each.


Off to find the right subway, we do and it arrives immediately, find the right stop, walk 4 blocks and there we are. Asli & Yalin, former employees from Turkey graciously had offered a place to sleep. It was nice seeing them after all these years. Luckily, Yalin had had a 6 am flight to Texas cancelled for tomorrow. So we had a 2 beer visit and off to bed at midnight.

Leave Asli & Yalin's condo for the cold windy streets of Brooklyn, walk to subway and ride back to Penn Station. From there, get on the NJ Transit to the Newark Airport and AirTram to the terminal, check bags, go through security ( no problems, I even accidentally took a bottle of lemonade and shampoo through). Now we can catch a small breath, eat a sandwich and await our 6PM departure.


Time to board the plane, which has 50 teenagers from Toronto plus chaperones, I don't expect a quiet night. I am wrong though since all seats have their own monitor for recent movies, games music. Almost everyone plugs in, sits back and is quiet. The plane completely full and Brendan & I sit apart for 9 hours. Not a bad dinner and some shut eye, next thing you know you are over London and landing soon.

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