Back and settled in (for now)

October 5, 2008 - Markham, Canada

The last two months have been an absolute whirlwind.   Without a doubt, life has been speeding up to a frenzy.  I honestly don't ever remembering to schedule in rest time and sleep.  (This is not to say that I don't sleep on places like the bus... or anywhere else I can stay stationary for a few moments.  But not class... no not class.  I don't sleep there.  I'll maybe rest my eyes for a moment, but not sleep.)  By the same token, sleep (as I remember it) is not the same either.  I think I'm passing out on most nights (and no, this passing out is without the aid of any substance) instead of going into a nice long, relaxed dream state.

Life is definitely getting faster.

Francis, isn't that what you live for?

Not really.  I like being busy, not overwhelmed.

Well then, what has happened for oh, say the last two months??

The last leg of my South Africa trip was amazing.  Without a doubt, it was one of the most fulfilling work experiences that I have ever encountered.  As my time there came to a conclusion, it dawned on me that perhaps, this could be a likely job for the future.  Maybe not specifically at the same place but something similar.

Also coming back to school after nearly a year away has been tough.  I've changed as a student and worry about what's happening in my classes for once.  I used to let it all slide (marks included) but now that's not an option.  What I'm learning actually makes sense for once.  I can see the relations and it's applications in my courses and in real life.

What? Francis, you're thinking about the future?

Sometimes.  You know, flying cars, teleportation and robots that do everything for you...

On a more serious note, I think that I am finally ready for this real life thing.  I am ready to be finished with this undergrad and move on.  I went to the Returned Students Fair and it really was a kick to the pants.  It helped me realise that I yearn to be away more and more.

Francis, when you write move on, you mean more traveling right?

Of course.  Since coming back from Joburg, I've decided that traveling is a passion that fuels my regular life.  When I'm working away at something and get bogged down, I think of where I'll be when all this is finished.  I want to make it so that four days after I graduate, I get on a plane and go somewhere exciting.  At the same time, it might be nice to be grounded, if only for a short time (like right now... for school).

However, not all of my travels are always leisurely.  [Most of them are school or work related]  On my recent trip to England, I got on a plane, got off the plane, got into a car, slept, woke up, went to a wedding, got in a car, slept, got on the tube, and got on a plane all in the span of 32 hours or so.  Throw in the variable eating, taking photos and other social functions and you've got complete picture.

So what makes moving immense distances to do very similar things to what you're currently doing so great?  Can't you get those feelings at home?

Yes,  I bet I could.  But what I don't get is all the people that I haven't met (or haven't seen in ages).  There is always something new, something different, something I just don't know how to react to.  I get to be uncomfortable in a good way.  I don't know what's going to happen.  I like that.  At home, there is a schedule, a routine, a way that I have to live.  When contrasted with the absolute freedom I get when I leave all my responsibilities behind, it is too comfortable.

You could change you know.

That's what the travel is for.  :)

[Note: This post sat half finished for over a month.  It's a bit out of context now]


November 15, 2008
sometimes you gotta be a little bit disciplined to get through bits of life you dislike, such as routine and responsibilities. It helps shape you as a person and helps you grow. Imagine a life that is completely free from day 1. You'd be so much less developed. When you are free one day, you'll look back and appreciate the routine!
November 15, 2008
Thank you for sharing your experiences. You seem to be a person who loves life and adventure.
Next time, come and visit the pacific northwest.
We have some cabins by the beach www, and relax in the midst of natura.
God Bless.
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