Aftermath of a planned adventure

January 13, 2009 - Toronto, Canada

No sports or anything for awhile, ok?

But I can move!

The doctor then gives me this look.  It's the look that all doctors must have given at one time or another in their career.  It was the why-did-you-come-talk-to-me-if-you-aren't-going-to-listen look or I could have mistaken if for the are-you-serious? look.  Dr. K thinks that I am not going to listen at all.  He thinks I am still going move around and bounce off walls.  (There will be no bouncing... That's what spurred this visit anyway)  For the most part, I will be taking it easy.  I won't be doing much for the next little bit.

Take it easy then, ok?  (His facial expression was solid.  He meant it.)


Just take it easy.

It generally isn't a good idea to not listen to the doctor.  In fact, I pretty much plan on listening this time.  He knows that I'm gonna listen too.  I'm still waiting on the x-rays, but we're both pretty sure that there are some busted ribs in me or just really, really bruised.

Symptoms of broken ribs:

Actually he wrote the prescription for some pain killers before writing the x-ray request up.  He probably knows I'm going to need those.  There are times during the day when the pain just kills.

The intense pain started at about 9PM on Friday.  As I was on hour 14 of my 16 hour shift, I reached up with my left arm to get something.  Suddenly, a sharp stabbing pain shoots through my left side.  I basically collapse and writher in pain.  It feels like spasming.  It feels like I was kicked in the balls.  Only the balls were moved up into my chest.  To try and get my mind off the pain I try the following:

  • Drink a glass of milk
  • Eat some chocolate
  • Make a makeshift heat pad out of a mug and boiling water

And of course, the pain causes another 'spasm' and the water spills all over my hand.  BURN!  At least this made me forget about the ribs for oh say 2 seconds.  As I raced to the kitchen for paper towel and cold water for my burn, you guessed it, PAIN!

I can only imagine watching the security tape, it must be hilarious.  There I am wincing and crying like a little baby grabbing my side and falling all over the place.

Francis, how did you hurt yourself at work now?  You what, moved?

For the answer we have to go back another week.  You see, there was a dull ache and pain all over my body for a whole week.

The Yanks and I went snowboarding at Blue Mountain on New Years.  However, I haven't been snowboarding since my introductory lesson oh 6 years ago.  Well the learning curve was steep but I picked right back up from where I left off.

...the ground was soft and covered in machine groomed powder.  It softened the many rolls, spills, falls and tumbles that I had during that day.  But it was not the great runs at Blue that hurt me.  Those runs just tenderized my body for the next day at Mount St. Louis.

While my body was tired and sore from the day before, my riding was better.  I was much more confident on my rental board.  I fell less often and got comfortable moving from toe edge to heel edge on slow controlled run.  As I got more confident, I went faster, and faster.  I went cruising along until I lost control, got a bad case of toe drag, flipped, turned, fell and bashed my head.  That was the turning point of the day.  I was more careful for a few more runs until the incident.

I was finally comfortable moving in and around people on the run.  I was moving smoothly.  Then I remember being airborne, twisting and landing on my front - hard.  The wind was knocked out of me.  I knew the day was done, I lost a lot of focus there.  But my body and mind are two seperate entities.  I kept going and even got the last run of the day.  (To my credit, I did get better at riding)

Come to think of it, I could have fractured my rib the first day at Blue.  I remember crashing on my front destroying my sunglasses with equal pain as at St. Louis. And that would explain why I could bend over to undo bindings without pain for both days.

It was a great adventure and I have to doctors visit to prove it.  Reflecting back on this I realise that I broke some serious rules of adventurising when I actually helped to "plan" this adventure.  You're not supposed to plan adventures.  Adventurising is about doing it by the seat of you pants.  This is karma back out to remind me not to break the rules.

So here's to adventurising and doing it all before I can't.  These are going to be a long three to four weeks

To cheer me up, my brothers invented a great game called MMA.  Basically, they scream M-M-A! And then gang up on me two on one and hit me - in the ribs.  When I can't breathe anymore they hit me lightly.  Oh the fun we have.




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March 17, 2009
I can't believe i missed this blog entry when it was sitting on my RSS feed! i must have thought it was a glitch in the reader cuz you have no more adventures for now!

are you feeling better now???
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