How could she say this?

March 28, 2009 - Toronto, Canada

... and then I thought, wow, Frankie* is an adult - that was so mature.  (* Frankie is one of the many nicknames I've acquired over the years)

Those words stung.  It was absolutely absurd how much those words affected me.  It wasn't my own imagination anymore, my co-worker thought that I had grown up.  My co-worker isn't a kid by any means, she's just as young as I (give or take a year or two).  But I was an adult and she did not classify herself as one.  I absolutely suffer from a Peter Pan syndrome, I don't wanna grow up just yet.  But that last statement sums it up.  By thinking that I don't want to grow up, I pretty much am saying that I have grown up and look back nostalgically at it all.  Yay for my quarter life crisis!



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