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March 28, 2009 - Toronto, Canada

I probably wrote this post in on my road trip up the Aussie coast, most likely in Brisbane.  Sadly, I don't remember why.  I didn't write anything else during that trip.  What's worse is that reading it only reminds me of the meaning that is lost.  So I'm going to put it out there, just because.  It was edited for major grammatical errors that I found extremely glaring, the other ones I left as is.

If you don't know what's going on there, don't worry, neither do I anymore.

November 14, 2007

So who knew that I would actually miss all the friends I've made over the past year so much?  So who knew that I would be missing all of my friends from home?

Well maybe someone did.

So the road trip has been pretty awesome so far.  We've driven 2000 kms in 3 days and have another 2000 km to go.  He had no planned stops, no real food, nothing but the same four CD's and a destination.

The most delicious food item we had was cheese and rye sandwiches.  Mmm... even the random English touros commented on them - twice.

Aside from music blasting from our the tinny little speakers, it's really quiet.  The roar of the wind blasting and the rumble of the road is deafening.  Oh and maybe when a good song comes on we'll sing along like no one else is listening.  Well, most of the time no one else is listening because there is no one else
anywhere at all.  The roads are nearly always empty along the long country stretches.  In the city, we scream out the windows.  But in the city,traffic is absolute crap.

Sleeping on the side of the road isn't really that bad.  I mean, we're being safe and saving money.  We would like to drive all night, and when fatigue hits all the road signs tell us to sleep it off.

The strangest thing thus far is the fact that I actually don't like the cities. I like the country much much more.  In the country I can see stars everywhere.

Because I have heaps and heaps of time, I think about nothing at all.  It's 'snice.'

Many people stare up at the stars and wonder.
I stare up at the stars and know.
I've been told time and time again, that the stars is how people stay in touch.
It's one activity that I can do knowing that someone else somewhere far away is doing the exact same thing at the exact same time, watching the exact same stars.

What a cheeseball.  Horrible just horrible.

From where I am now, I cannot see stars.  I'm itchin' for another adventure.  I'm itchin' to get out of here for awhile.  8 more weeks of my undergrad.  Then I get to start anew; hopefully somewhere I can see stars.


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March 30, 2009
there are lots of stars in seattle...you should come visit!!
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