Returning to the Outback

May 10, 2012 - Auckland, New Zealand

Mike and I are currently sat in Auckland airport waiting for our flight to Melbourne, Australia. That's right...we gave up on our dream of working in NZ and decided to head to Australia (return for me..first time for Mike).

We finished travelling the North Island of NZ - had a great time but spent far too much and found living in a van rather uncomfortable after a while.

We are heading to Melbourne for a few days before heading up the coast to stay with Allyson & Don again. From there on there are no plans except for our flight home to the UK in September (from NZ).

Not much to report on past few weeks as we haven't done a whole lot really...and typically of me I forget everything anyway! Luckily it's all written down :-)

That's about it for now...will keep you posted on our Australian adventures!!!

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