July 6, 2016 - Port Augusta, Australia

Hello to all

we are both well:-)

here are some more photos

After we left the big red rock on Thursday 30 June, we traveled out to Kings Canyon were we booked into the van park. It has not stopped raining so wont be able to do the walk today. Friday the sun was shining and we got ready to do the 6k walk around the rim of Kings Canyon. The start of the walk was a steep climb, but we made it to the top. This place was so breath taking and just relaxing. It took us 4 hours of climbing and walking around and over this magnificient place. We couldn't wait to get back to our van to look at the photos of the lap top. I didn't pull up all that great as i was in so much pain in my hip but it was well worth it.

After leaving Kings Canyon on Sunday 3 July we drove to Desert Oaks Rest Area along side the highway where we spent the night. We arrived at Stuart Wells road house on Monday 4 July where we thought we would stay for the night so we can go out to Rainbow Valley. Rainbow Valley was just stunning see photos attached.

Tuesday 5 July with no phone reception we walked over to the road house to use the public phone as i neededto call my beautiful daughter for her birthday. The phone was out of order so in the car we jump and drove up to the camel farm so i could call Libby. Libby laughed when i told her i had to go to the camel farm to call her, she said i made her day:-)

Now we are back on the road heading towards Alice Springs. I have never been here and i have heard many different stories about this place. We arrived in town and booked into a van park for our security i am told. Any way the van is now un hooked, power on and i just couldn't wait to hit the shops. So off we go towards town, park the car and now walking towards the patchwork shop that i saw when looking for a parking spot. Well bugger me we get a live show. This color male is walking towards a group of his own carrying a large box of KFC when his woman walks up to him and knocks the whole bloody lot to the ground, yelling and dancing around him with lots of colorful lanuage coming from their mouths. Now the race is on once he gets his balance and his skinny little legs in motion, off he goes chasing her with lots of yelling.  Next thing she turns around and starts to chase him and then they are out on the main road with traffic to a halt while these two are chasing each other around the cars, the whole time with Geoff telling me to stop staring at them but one just couldn't, along with most of the other shoppers stopping and watching the show.

We are here till Friday then going out to MacDonnells rangers.






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