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June 24, 2008 - Zanzibar, Tanzania

Hello guys and gals, well as promised another entry. Frank has entrusted me with writing it this time where do I start. After staying with the mice and rats for a couple of nights we decided a change of scenery was due so we hopped on a ferry, to Kigamboni I was a bit annoyed because the bloddy thing cost 4 pence each! rip off. after a short journey on a Daladala or "Cab of Death" as I call them we arrived at an amazing campsite and pitched tent the first day was glorious must have been 40 degrees. the view from our tent was nothing other than beach and Indian Ocean. this was the life, cooking our own dinner (a lovely stew mum - which frank ruined! but i got him back by loosing his shower gel) gettin ripped off at the local market, you certainly pay the price for being a 'Muzungu' here... anyway just as we wer about to hit the hay... probably the biggest storm ever decided to vent itself right above us. Frank was beggining to loose faith in the 20 pound tesco tent I could tell. Mostly I could tell because hes was shivvering and crying (or was that rain?) any way in the morning as we were ringing ourself out a mega rich bloke came over from a mega rich family, (you could just tell) and he said "wow this is an excellent setup you guys have got" was he joking? or blind? anyway that was a low but there have been some highs literally, im beggining to think my malaria tablets are not malaria tablets but some weird psychadellic drug. cos i take them on a Sunday, Monday has been officially renamed 'Happy Mondays' after a few days on the beach we packed up kigomboni had turned us inter expert haggalers and better campers than Ray Mears... ish.

our next trip was to the island paradise that is Zanzibar. Another Ferry this time a bit dearer this one though as the journey is a few hours we decided to get the slow ferry, you know how it is save some money enjoy the voyage a bit.. it was a good crossing no sea sickness the only TV channel we could watch was 'Mad Cleric TV' after a few hours of being told how wer going to burn in hell for our sins we arrived in Stone Town, or Stone City or Sha City as I started to call it. Stone town is an old slave trading port it is full of narrow streets and market stalls, also there is an expensive restraunt called Mercurys that only plays Queen songs, good for the tourist- wouldnt wanna work there though! after a night in stone town John gave us a lift to Kedwa Rocks wer we met up with Beth and Katie my buddys from school and college. we watched a couple of football games in a posh bar on a big screen. It was a bit mean they wouldnt let the locals in so ther was a bigger crowd watching from outside that in. It looked like more fun outside aswell a bit like that scene from TITANIC with the dancing and stuff down in Steeridge... I digress. kendwaRocks was the scene of the Full Moon party and it was mint young Frank had a bottle of Gin all to himslelf and was more than merry. It was on the beach and had loads of entertainment fire eaters and acrobats from Sha City. The locals were an interesting bunch one of them brought a chicken to the party (see picture!)  well ive rambled on for long enough now must dash write soon! Loz Frank is here too but i have took over!


Who brings a chicken to a club...


Lesley (mum):
June 24, 2008
great to hear from you both at last, seems like you've been gone forever
your room is very tidy!!
keep in touch and enjoy yourself.
love mum x
Robby Bob:
June 24, 2008
When you going trekking across the sahara in a urine soaked t-shirt Bear Grylls style???
June 25, 2008
Well done brother on making it there safe and sound, gimme a bell sometime and ill call you straight back, 01494494533.

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