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July 2, 2008 - Mzuzu, Malawi

I (frank) have been getting abuse via facebook for being a boring blogger. enough of that, please. Since Loz's entry last week, thing's have been pretty hectic and we haven't really settled down anywhere, hopefully by tonight we'll be on the shore's of Lake Malawi ready to relax for a bit. Literally minutes after our last entry, some thieving gypsies surrounded Loz and tanned our camera, 'roughing me up in the process' as he likes to put it. Not to worry though, we've managed to find another one to last us the trip. Anyone with any info on how reliable the 'Geepas' brand of digital cameras are would be greatly recieved.

So basically we then spent the rest of the week in Dar Es Saleem going to the Police station, trying to get a police report (for insurance purposes) from 'hungry' officers asking me to buy them fantas to 'speed up proceedings'. We also spent the best part of a day in a tanzanian hospital, i felt incredibly rough and went for a Malaria test.. which came out negative. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, but basically we're pretty sure that my hangover had continued over 3 days since that full moon party - maybe i got bird flu from that bloody chicken. Anyhow i'm fine now.

Dar began to grow on us as city which at first glimspes is pretty scary. We found lots to do, including the museum of Tanzania - we spent most of the time, however, laughing at spelling mistakes and the ironic list of sponsers who contributed to the refurbishment of the natural history wing of the building - the best of which was 'Tanzanian Hunting Safari's Ltd.' What worried us both though, was how such a massive city could be full of so much wealth but much povetry aswell.

The real reason we stayed the best part of a week in Dar was to catch a sleeper train right across the country with Beth and Katie. Unreliable is an understatement - that train ended up about 60 hours late and cabin fever almost crept in. We made it into first class (for a tenner each!) but only just managed to survive of cupasoups and bread. Water ran out too, and we must have smelt incredibly bad - tried purifying water with chlorine tablets but it's literally like drinking from the foot pool at bury smimming baths - i'd rather dehydrate (only joking mum, i'm drinking lots of water).

We stayed one night in the far north of Malawi at an overpriced little lodge on the beach. Was a relief to bed down after that mental train journey, but we we're well and truly priced out of the place and had to leave with the help of a friendly American who was drilling for Uranium in the area who let us dive on the back of his pickup - proper windy though, and both me and loz seem to have lost the sense of hearing. That got us a few hundred kms south, which is basically where we are now, in a city called Mzuzu. On a personal note, it's amazing to be back in Malawi (the people are much nicer than tanzanians) and to chat a bit of chichewa now and then.

Anyone with any news would be nice to hear from you. I quite like spying on other people's computer's in internet cafes - mostly because it's usually dodgy men flogging endangered species of turtles to far east via email - but don't really know much else about what's going on in the world. Did see that that remote 'tribe' they found in the amazon was a big hoax though, gutted!

Goodbye, Godbless x

(PS we'll try and wang a few more photos on here if poss, soon)

(PPS for anyone concerned about loz's roughing up, we all know his unique talent for exaggerating things and i'm quite sure that a couple of local school boys politely asked for the camera and he gave it to them)

(PPPS no wonder Livingstone named Lake Malawi the 'lake of stars' - last night was an astronomer's wet dream. really was incredible though!)


Geepas Creepas
Dar from Above
When would you need this?


July 3, 2008
dear frank its me ella!! sorry to hear u got mugged!! i enjoyed reading your blogg.keep safe!!
ella xxx

p.s i will try to send sum pics!!
July 3, 2008
Dear Brother Lawrence,

Busy week, in fact, busy month for me. Went out on the piss with my car keys in my pocket, woke up the next morning with a pizza in my bed but no car keys in my pocket! Got quoted £500 by ford to get a new set cut (as i had the spare in the same bunch - idiot i know). So in the end the car got scrapped, i now drive a 2005 Fiesta Ghia 1.4! Full leather, Air Con, Bla Bla Bla.

I doubt it very much if you get to buy FRONT magasine over there is Africa, but if you do, check out page 8 of this months magazine as i am the 'reader of the month', No Shit! Ill save a copy for when you get back!

Hope you are keeping well, and the the delicious Kate is 'looking after you'!


PS - Hope Frank is well too!
July 5, 2008
Hi Frank and Lawrence, great to see your photos-especially the Castlerigg hat!The 3 of us are -fine missing you.Two weeks to end of term. Mary's birthday party today .It is pouring down so no BBQ.
Love,God bless,journey well. Mum xx
Emily b:
July 8, 2008
Hello! Hope your having the time off your life! Looks like your havin an ace time!
x x x
July 8, 2008
just read your latest blog sounds like your having a good time. All ok here Beth's prom took over our life however all worth it as she looked stunning! Took lots of photos too. Weather lousy here no tan here either.
Keep in touch take care to all luv ya loads mum x
July 12, 2008
alrite mates cookson and dave and lewis here, dont forget no bad aids please!!! ha. no seriously looks like your havin a great time cant wait till your back in sunny bolton its all of 12 degrees c oooohhhh great! ha were gettin rather pissed at mine at the mo about to go in town bet u wish u were here!!! NOT so anyway we are all wondrein if u have pulled beth yet loz!!!!! lol!! oj!!!! have a great time and dont forget NO AIDS PLEASE! ha! xxxx one for u all.
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