Hey Illala

July 15, 2008 - Blantyre, Malawi

Hello fellow Blog enthusiasts, time for another update, Frank is feeling a little ropey today from our ten hour bus journey, but we'll get to that in due course. since our last entry we have been partaking in some serious R&R in and around Lake Malawi. Our first port of call was a hippie retreat called Muzuzuzoo, ran by an enthusiastic pensioner from Gloucster, I am just gettin used to the fact that in Malawi everyone drinks carlsburg (or 'greens' as the locals call them.) and is not fround upon to be drinking Special Brew as its only slightly stronger than the normal one, not like the rocket fuel we get at home. so anyway after an evening playing scrabble infront of a log fire (no Frank Sexxen isnt a word!) we retired to bed, the only problem with Muzuzu is the altitude which means at night it gets cold so very very cold we were wearing all our clothes and had blankets yet we were still freezing our asses off. so after a night of serious spooning we decided to make like a tree and leaf!

the next stop was a hour or so in a taxi to Nkhata Bay, a long serving backpackers paradise. we stayed at the butterfly lounge, pitched tent right on the lake (again, we find this makes good sense as after a night on the razzle dazzle its nice to just fall in the lake instant hangover cure... I guess, I for one am tee-total mum) our meals in that place were strange we decided to eat elswhere when we were served 'Peanut butter chicken curry, with banana yoghurt sauce' wierd. frank wanted to mention that he bumped into his friends from project trust which was a nice suprise. The only Annoyance with the place we were at (not including strange food) was the beach boys that are constantly trying to sell you junk you dont need. they even have cockney accents like Del Boy, frank seems to think this is because the only programs they get in English is Only Fools and Horses & Eastenders. im not sure they also have strange names, here is a selection.

Chicken Pizza, Respect, Lemon Drops, Happy Coconut, Space Cakes... the list go's on. I said earlier they sell you things you dont need, well I may not need them but I thought some of you lot might so I did some trading and got you a load of wooden junk....

then came the Illala, a quick note about the Illala before I go on, the ship was built in Glasgow about 60 years ago and probably should have been scrapped 20 years after, some how it managed to turn up on lake malawi, ang got a clean MOT. or ship equivalant. and is now used to transport anything they can squeeze on. me and frank got on the top deck first class again. and after a few greens decided to inspect the engine bay at 3am... as you do. after we hopped over the inept guard and slid down a few ladders we were in the engine bay. after taking a few snaps of us messing with stuff a man told us we were in a restricted area, he didnt buy our story that we were engine inspectors, (probably because we had forgot to brink our tools and instead were carrying a couple of greens each and a camera!) after the crossing we turned up on Likoma Island a place which can boast about having no crime whatsoever. we were escourted to the camping site by a nice man who had just started grade 2 at school... who was also eighty! yes 80.

Likoma was amazing although we didnt get to learn to scuba dive we did get alot of snorkelling in and met a nice bunch of people for a week there was only 8 tourists on the island. In fact our Irish friend Sean decided that the solitude was getting to him and decided to get a travelling companion, after canoeing to a village he bought a chicken, or Nkhuku. It wasnt a chicken, it was a bloody Rooster and for the next 3 nights he decided that a pleasant time to start screeching his head off would be 4am. needless to say Nando's was granted his freedom after that. either that or he was going in the pot!

after that we headed back on the Illala to Nkhata bay said goodbye to our new friends- Sean, David, Gert, Mariah, Karin, Respect and Scary Mary. and took the night bus to Blantyre... seemed like a good idea at the time 10 hours later and ears still ringing with the sound of crap synthesised Malawian Music and the sound of Frank Throwing up out the window (and the sound of locals laughing! :o ) here we are so I think that is all the Rambling I can do for one sitting, next time it will be frank again when he has got some colour back. see you soon keep posting comments we do love to hear from you all.

P.S. I am a fan of free speech and dont agree with censorship of the media but i would appreciate it if people stopped writing silly things on the wall. and by people i mean Cookson Dave & Jew also Brother Gerrard.

P.P.S. could you also look up the phrase 'platonic relationship'  they do exist you know!

Love you all loads Loz and Frank xx


Lake Flys
Lawrence on a dugout canoe
The view from the top


Brother Gerrard:
July 24, 2008
Hey Lawrence! Hey Frank!

You 2 seem to be having a fantastic time out there, the pictures look amazing! keep uploading them!

Just to let you know that the Gerrard curse has struck again, my bloody car keys turned up after a month missing! So i now have two cars! The older one mum is going to have, unless you want a free upgrade?

Keep enjoying yourself,

Brother Gerrard
July 25, 2008
hi Frank and Lawrence
Hope you are safe and well in Mozambique
Enjoying some sunshine in Bolton at last.
Not heard from you for a while.Anna doing well in Nottingham this week.
Have you booked a safari yet? Would love to hear from you
love mum x
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