PADI in Koh Tao

April 20, 2009 - Ko Tao, Thailand

 I'm in Koh Tao now, on Sai Ree beach and its really beautiful but INSANELY hot, the water is 29 degrees! And in the shallow areas on the beach its actually hot water. I'm staying in a hut on the beach just down from Sairee Hut (the diving resort). Yesterday I finished my open water PADI so I can go off doing fun dives now or do the advanced course so I can go to 30m and do night dives etc. We went down to 18m which was really cool and it's a little bit weird to look all the way up to the surface. We've been trying to blow bubble hoops like our instructor (Anthony, a really cool Australian guy), but none of ours are nearly as good. We've been diving in a group of 4 which is nice because it's so small you get a lot of personal help.

Under the water is incredible, theres SO much brilliantly coloured, and strange looking coral and tropical fish, it really is a world of it's own. It's a bit odd breathing under water at first but you get used to using the regulator - apparently you have to cough and even throw up through it if necessary because your natural relfex is to inhale afterwards!

I think there's going to be a huge storm tonight because there have been GIANT clouds on the horizon for days and it's very grey at the moment.

Anyway no tat's yet but I'm tempted, everyone keeps getting them! Courtney just went out the other night after drinking and got an elephant on her ass haha, with the 4 L's she had been talking about getting in Bangkok (Live Learn Love Laugh), and this girl Jasmine just went out yesterday after a conversation and got 'cunt' in Thai written on her ankle haha (crazy people)

Anyway I'm off now, talk to you all soon. I'm thinking about heading over to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan next and then hopefully up to Vietnam to meet Jake n Sully :D




April 20, 2009
Don't you dare get my least favourite word (even in Thai} anywhere on your body ...... please! M xxxxxxx
April 21, 2009
^ hahaha
April 21, 2009
no tats yet freddo??? man up.. even I got one in thailand..
April 21, 2009
I wont, I'll get something cool instead :D
April 21, 2009
:O you got one? Where/when/what of?
Ben Varnals:
April 22, 2009
didn't know that the x-files happened out there!! don't you mean 'Mulder' & Sully? What case are you trying to solve??
April 23, 2009
hahaha I'll bet you were with Ben or John when you wrote that :D actually we've been talking about aliens and I saw something REALLY weird in the sky the other day :D
April 23, 2009
Happy St George's Day
June 10, 2009
"even throw up through it if necessary because your natural relfex is to inhale afterwards" That I did not know... that's gross man...

What's the scuba diving in Thailand like? Is it good? I guess you have nowhere else to compare but like the water is clear and there's lots of wildlife?
June 11, 2009
hahaha, thanks for reading through my entries :D glad someone other than my parents is hahaha

Erm yer I thought it was really good, clear water, a lot to see. And maybe next time a whale shark :D

But yer I cant compare
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