Bolivia, first stop La Paz

October 2, 2010 - La Paz, Bolivia

 Coming from Peru one would think you are already prepared for poverty, but let me tell you...Bolivia takes it to another level.

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America if I am not mistaken and driving through the very dry lands, mind you were are at the end of winter so the dry season now, you see loads and loads of poverty and i many locations you just ask yourself how it is even possible to live there...

Before heading into the city of La Paz we stopped at a location with view of the city. Quite overwhelming. There are app. 1 million people living in La Paz but somehow the city seems much bigger. Traffic is horrific and walking takes you through crowds of people, stands, food, fruits and a LOT of over things...including dried baby lamas on the witches market!

We just roamed around yesterday and today tried to see the famous prision. Its a self governt prision which only has gards on the entrances... Arriving there (after hopping out the trunk of a taxi as it was 6 of us...) quickly made up my mind that I rather not enter the location and leave the place to itself.

Later today its time for a city tour and then tomorrow off further into Bolivia. We are dropping off three of our last tour here in Bolivia and pick up 6 new people. An Australian couple, 2 Australian dudes, an Asian American couple...and a new tour guide. He is from the UK and not local but seems like a nice dude. So, on the journey goes!!!

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