Athens, in the boiling heat

August 20, 2010 - Athens, Greece

 Coming from the islands and having had access to easy ways to refresh the heat in Athens hit me hard. We are talking 37C (99F) in the inner city...

Forcing myself out of bed on Friday at 6.30am to beat the crowds at the Akropolis was a pain - but worth it. If you make your way to Athens I can only recommend doing the same. Roughly 20 minutes after I got there the first groups and crowds started pouring in and it very quickly became difficult to take pictures without groups of people walking through it. Also...its a gets hot. No shade to hide.

After roaming for about two hours on the entire grounds surrounding the Akropolis I was done. Had a quick breakast and then passed out on a bench :) Yeah, got many odd looks but ah well, I needed a break.

Since it had gotten hot yet again I made my way into the Akropolis museum right at the foot of the hill. Interesting and COLD! Yeay! I spent about three hours looking at the exhibits and admit it would have been less had it not been that hot outside.

The afternoon I spent shopping with a friend and then made my way back onto Helena`s balcony with a beautiful view of the city at night.

Saturday I spent sleeping the heat away, doing chores and relaxing while having dinner in an amazing fish restaurant just outside the city with a friend. Ah, relaxing evening to a quiet day.

Sunday...up early yet again. Off to Turkey!



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