Nazca, Peru...Nazca lines...alien landing strip?

September 14, 2010 - Nazca, Peru

Arriving to Nazca in the early evening we just crashed at the hotel to relax and sleep off the Pisco tasting. The hotel actually managed to produce the driest piece of toast I have ever tasted in my life! Well done... Too tired to care!

The next day it was of to the airport. 5 of the 11 in our group decided to risk their lifes for a once in a lifetime flight - over the Nazca lines!

Off we went into the small Chesna...what were we thinking?! Shortly after lift off one pilot fell asleep while the other twisted and turned the small thing in every imagineable direction so all of us could see the lines. Hey, I am going to keep it real here and admit - I was ready to throw up after about the first 10 minutes. But I didnt! And therefore you will be able to see the results of this stomach turning adventure - the pictures of the lines including the astronaut, monkey, spider and others.

After letting my stomach rest for an hour I was actually able to enjoy the traditional ceremonial food we were about to try. Cooked in the ground and heated by coal while being protected by different leaves and herbs the food was recovered before our eyes. Potatoes, chicken, pork, cheese and other goodies were served in traditional bowls and tasted - AWESOME! Super extra yummy.

As no one could stop eating we had a quiet afternoon by the pool and just relaxed before heading towards the much dreaded nightbus... 10 hours from Nazca to Arequipa. Oh lord...




hey dude...wanna hang out? octopus hanging out...
Day view from Galatas to Poros
Lifes' a beach - in this case a love beach (bay)..
Hanging out again...
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