Party in Patong

April 13, 2011 - Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Still a day behind, but it's better than nothing!


Our flight to Phuket was delayed by half an hour, but this gave us a chance to purchase a litre bottle of coffee infused vodka for 20 bucks, bargain! When it was finally time to board the plane, we thought we’d be in the air and landing in Phuket before we knew it, but of course there was a twist. A group of about 30 arabs had boarded the plane, but they’d bought on an extra person. So, there was one too many people on board the plane and the stewardesses had to work out which person was on that shouldn’t be. It took half an hour, with a lot of shouting by the arabs direct at the stewardesses, but finally the culprit was removed from the plane and we were on our way.


The flight to Phuket was quick and we were at the Phuket airport in no time. A 45 minute wait to get through Immigration was a bit annoying, but once that was over we were on our shuttle bus and on the way to the Deevana Patong Hotel. The drive took about 45 minutes and it was quite warm in the van, but we arrived at the Deevana Patong hotel and we were ready to check in. We were given cold towels, which was very refreshing, and Dylan and I were told that extra guests would cost us 500 baht per night – surely we don’t look like those types of travellers!


We were shown to our rooms, which were clean and spacious, and we all agreed that we’d shower, unpack and then meet in my room in half an hours time as it was Happy Hour in the hotel’s swim up bar.


We hit the pool with great anticipation, being greeted by the friendly barman who calls himself Mr. Tee. I won’t go into all the details of the next 3 hours that we spent in the pool, mainly because the details are a bit sketchy! I do know that Dylan and I consumed many ice cold Chang and Singha beers, while Dylan and Alana worked their way through most of the cocktail list, amongst the ones they had were Sex on the Beach and Long Island Ice Tea’s. We headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner, but the alcohol had wiped Alana out and she chose the hug the toilet bowl instead of going for food. Dylan had been hit down by a case of the Chennai Churners, and he said he was in no state to go out, but asked us to bring him some food home.


So, Jules and I hit the streets in search of some food. We didn’t have to go far, just down the end of the laneway that our hotel is situated in we found a group of restaurants and ordered a feast for the troops. We ordered spring rolls, chicken satays, fried rice, fried noodles, pad thai and mango with sticky rice, plus a heap of drinks. While we were waiting for the food, it started to rain, and it was quite heavy.


By the time our food came, it was absolutely pouring. We raced to the Family Mart next door for some drinks, then raced across the road in the direction of our hotel. By the time we made it back to the hotel, we were soaked. We couldn’t have been any more wet. Jules went to get Alana, but she didn’t want to eat, and I tried to get Dylan, but Dylan threw a hissy fit (get it, what a play on words!) and decided that he wasn’t going to answer his door for his two mates who had spent thirty bucks and gone out in the pouring for him because he had an upset tummy – it’s true, the bigger they are – the softer they are!


Jules and I made about half of the food in my room and then Jules wandered back to his room and I went to bed.


The next day we met for breakfast at the hotel, then hit the streets in search of someone to do our laundry, brochures for tours and scooters! We found a tour desk that did laundry, so we killed two birds with one stone there – the laundry a very reasonable 50 baht per kilogram.


We started walking back to the hotel, when we popped into some markets and did a bit of shopping as one stall was a combination of fixed price and price on request, but even the prices quoted for the price on request stuff was reasonable. I asked the guy if he had monster size for Dylan, and then he kept following Dylan around calling him monster – quite funny.


Then, it was off to get scooters. We found them right next to our hotel, though she only had 1 of the cheap model, so for Jules, Dylan and myself we had to get the top of the range model for a whopping 225 baht per day (roughly $7!).


Once you have scooters, there is only one thing to do – hit the streets! We donned our helmets and fired up our scooters, heading for Karon where the rest of the Custom Cockatoos, our team mates, were staying.


The ride to the Andaman Seaview at Karon was good fun, as long as you are safe and sensible, riding the scooters here is a must do. We found the Cockatoos and some of them hadn’t eaten, so we all went to my favourite restaurant in Karon called Best Friends. It was incredibly hot in the hotel, but the frozen towels they gave us did make a small difference. The food was pretty good, but not as good as I remember.


We then decided we’d scoot back to Patong for happy hour in the pool, but as we were a bit early we continued on past Patong and had a look around Kathu and the other areas north of Patong. We even saw an elephant on the side of the road.


It was then back to the hotel, a quick change into the bathers and then into the pool. Alana wasn’t drinking after the night before, and Jules struggled a little – even Dylan and I only had a couple, but it was still nice and refreshing in there. Some Scottish girls asked me to help out with their acrobats, so one girl hoisted the other girl on her shoulders, then I had to lift them both up. It sounded impossible, but we did it! It was hard at the bottom though I can tell you!


As Dylan and Alana had never been to Patong, we decided we’d walk a loop so they could see all the sights. We stopped for tea at my favourite restaurant in Patong, now called Arroi (can’t remember its previous name, but it wasn’t that!). The food was really good, shame he got my order wrong but hey, that’s Thailand for you!


We did a bit of haggling for some bright orange shoes to go with our outfits, but they wouldn’t come below 60 dollars, which in my opinion is too much for fake shoes, so we stopped at a waterhole for a quick drink, then headed back to the hotels exhausted and ready for some sleep.




Your lovely wife:
April 14, 2011
can't wait to read the next installment! And I want more pictures!!! :)
April 15, 2011
Sounds like you're having a ball.... great reading as usual! I agree with Lex, more photos please! :-)
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