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April 17, 2011 - Patong, Phuket, Thailand

The biggest disappointment of the trip occurred while the Custom were in the field, someone stole Dylan’s bag. The ACST has let local Thai kids come in with big garbage bags and collect cans, and sadly it looks like one of them has used it to take Dylan’s bag. In it was his phone, his wallet and all his money, not a great moment on the trip.


We all headed back to the hotel and got ready for the Phuket Sixes Welcome Dinner at the Karon Sea Sands Hotel. We got showered and change, and headed downstairs to catch the bus.


When we arrived, all the tables were pretty much full, so we ended getting a table miles from everyone else that couldn’t see or hear what was happening on the stage! We grabbed a few free drinks, though I was the only one of my group of 4 that was very soft! Tammey said she still hadn’t had a cocktail since arriving in Phuket, so I ordered her a Phuket Paradise. The lady bought it over to her, and it was then I found out that she is allergic to gin, and of course the Phuket Paradise contained gin. She had a few sips, but it didn’t agree with her, so I ordered her a Pina Colada, but the damage was done, she was feeling ill.


The food was ok, and the dinner itself wasn’t too bad, but most of our group wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep – again! Rachel, Mark, Sarah, Sol, Trina, Nic, Karen and myself headed to Scruffy Murphy’s in Patong. Mark said if I paid for the taxi (700 baht), everyone would buy me drinks. What a rubbish deal that was, only Nic bought me a drink, some team-mates I’ve got!


We ended up rather merry and headed home at about 4am, crashing into bed and falling asleep immediately.


I have no idea what time everyone else got up the next day, I was up at 11 and heading straight to the cricket ground for an 11:30 game. We were playing the Toorak Prahan Cricket Club in our last group match.


We tried hard, but they were just too good for us, and we ended up losing by quite a bit. I managed to hit a couple of boundaries for a changing, including a cover drive – don’t think I’ve ever played one before!


The loss meant we were playing in the Spoon division, the bottom division, and our opening fixture was against the Karon Sea Sanders.


Karen won the toss and decided to bat first, and I opened the batting with Karen. Karen was in pretty good form, hitting a couple of nice sixes and retiring on 20 (it’s 30 in all other divisions, but 20 in the lowest division). I struggled to hit the ball, and batted through the whole 5 overs for just 13, with only one boundary. Rah Rah made a few at the other end, and we ended up on 55, not a bad score, but probably a bit low.


Mark opened the bowling for us, and his first over went for 28 – we were in a bit of trouble! They managed to get the runs in the third over, not a good start for our finals campaign.


The 91.5 FM Ladies match was on next, comprising two teams of 7 ladies. All our girls were picked by Rachel who was feeling a little ill, and they grabbed some other girls to form a team. Two of the girls picked were American, and they’d never played before. I was told to go and give them coaching, so that’s what I did. These girls had me chasing balls for a good 20 minutes in the heat and I was exhausted.


Finally the match started, and it was quite entertaining to watch. Karen hit Nic’s over for a few runs, and Nic chased Karen and tried to whack her, which gave the crowd a laugh.


After the Ladies match, it was time for the All Stars T20 match. This year Dylan and Karen were selected for the Cockatoos, so we all stayed and watched. Tammey, Julian and Alana went to get pizzas for the team from a wood oven pizza joint down the road, and thankfully the cricket was more entertaining than the pizza was tasty!


The T20 match was the Australians v the Rest of the World this year, and the Aussies went down in the second last over. Dylan made about 10 for the Aussies and Karen didn’t bat. Sol captained the Rest of the World, so he was pretty happy.


Tammey had organised a poker night, but at 9:30 she decided it was too late and she’d go to bed, so Dylan, Alana and I watched the Gospel channel for a while, then Alana went back to her room and Dylan and I watched Die Hard II – what a way to spend a Friday night in Thailand (and not my choice I might add!).


After such an early night, we were up pretty early for breakfast the next morning. The Custom had an early game, so we went over to the stadium and watched them take on the Singapore Slingers in the final of the Bowl division.


Nic won the toss and decided to have a bat, and sent Dylan in to open. 8 balls later, he was retiring on 31 – it was a brutal knock. The rest of the Custom all chipped in and they posted a great total of 75.


Their bowling was tight, and they only conceded one boundary in the entire innings. The Slingers could only manage to get to 31, the same score Dylan made off 8 balls – it was an old fashioned thrashing!


Dylan and I then borrowed Mark and Rachel’s scooters and headed for the Chalong Police Station to report Dylan’s bag stolen. It took a good half an hour for the Policemen to take the report and then when he was finished he asked for money – only in Thailand! We got our police report and headed back to the hotel. We decided that we’d get some of our own scooters, so Rach and Mark ferried the 4 of us to their bike shop, and we got these really new scooters for 120 baht a day – bargain!


We hopped on our new bikes and headed to the Karon markets. It was ridiculously hot in the markets, and no one felt like shopping much, so we weren’t there long. We headed back to the hotel to jump in the pool for a dip before the our game at 5:20.


Our game was against the Phuket Natives, a team of local boys. Karen won the toss and elected to bat. She and I opened up again, but I hit one to deep backward square and he held on to it and I was out for a duck. Not happy! Karen retired on 20, Mark made 19 and we posted a good total of 71.


Our bowling was very good, and even though we didn’t get a wicket, we kept them to 37 and my over only went for 5. It gave us a chance of qualifying for the Final if we could win our next game against the Gold Coast Falcons.


After the match, we hit the showers and got ready to go to the Australia Bar and Grill for a Sausage Sizzle (yep, more Western food, much to my dismay). There wasn’t nearly enough food to go around, so we ordered some pizza from the bar across the road. It ended up being a lateish night, pulling up stumps at around 3 in the morning.


Breakfast was a rushed affair the next morning, as the Custom had a match against the Falcons (a different Falcons to our next opponents), and a win would put them through to the Semi Finals of the Bowl division.


The Custom bowled first, and did a pretty good job, keeping the Falcons to 61.


Dylan opened up with Jules, and Jules managed to hit a 4 before he got out. Dylan had to retire on 31 again, probably off the same amount of balls as last time, and he hit one clean out of the stadium straight down the ground, a huge hit. Blythe came in with 14 needed off 10 balls, but only needed 4 of them, as she hit the first 3 balls for 4, then hit the next one for 6 – she was rather excited!


It was then time for our game, but we had to wait a long time as a massive storm rolled through.


When the thunderstorm finally cleared, the game got under way, and we batted first. Karen retired on 20 in quick time, I got to 13 but struggled and Mark smashed a few late. We ended up with 63, not a huge score, but defendable.


Our bowling was really tight, Trina getting us off to a great start going for 9 and my over only going for 5. They started to hit some big shots, and they needed just 11 off the last over to win, with Sarah to bowl the last over. She bowled a great over, and they needed 3 off the final ball to win, but she bowled a dot ball and we were through to the Grand Final. The Gold Coast Falcons ended up finishing second in our group, so they would be our opponent again in the Grand Final.


The Custom then played their Semi Final against the MGM team from Kuwait. Dylan and Jules opened up, and got off to a good start, but once the slower bowlers came on they really struggled. Jules got out and Nic came in scored quickly, but the score finished on 57 with Dylan not out 23.


The MGM team could serious bat, and got stuck into the bowlers, bringing up the win in the 4th over. It was a good effort for the Custom though, and they did well to reach the Semi Final.


We then headed back to the hotel to cool off in the pool, as it was a particularly hot and humid day.


After a few hours in the pool, it was time to head back to the ground for our Grand Final. As the rain delay had cost us an hour of play, the match was reduced to 4 ball overs. Karen won the toss and decided to bat again, and finally put me out of my misery and dropped me down the order. Karen was going to open with Mark, and I was at 3. Karen faced up first, and 4 balls later had to retire on 20. Mark kept the scoreboard ticking over, and then I finally got in on the act and hit a couple of sixes. Mark finished 21 not out, I finished 18 not out and the score was 0 for 75 – not bad off 20 balls!


It was then time to bowl, and Trina bowled another tight over to start and put them on the back foot. My over went for 9, and it continued in this fashion, with the Gold Coast Falcons finishing on 47 and th

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April 18, 2011
Congratulations everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful trip.
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