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August 12, 2008 - Cape Town, South Africa

Okay, so we cheated a bit.  We had technical difficulties in Cape Town, so our last blog posting is actually being made from the comfort of our condo in Evanston.  I have to admit, it’s GREAT to be home!!!  On the way home, we lost our camera cord, so we unfortunately don’t have any pictures with this posting, but promise to update it over the weekend.

We had a terrific time in Cape Town, which reminds us of San Fran…. Hippies, cloudy weather, wine country, and an island with a prison on it.  On Wednesday, Jordan and I hiked Table Mountain with a friend from work and her husband.  The “moderate” hike was what I call rigorous, but the views were worth it.  On Thursday, we had a work day, which was quite difficult because we were down to one laptop for 3 of us!  (Between a mess up on my laptop hours before we left Chicago, Travis losing his power cord in Kasane and Peter leaving with his laptop, Jordan’s laptop is all that is left – so attempting to finis the presentation was very tedious.)

On Friday, Travis, Jordan and I went on a wine tour!  It felt like Napa, but even more gorgeous, with the mountain providing a beautiful backdrop.  My favorite wine was the “Bored Doe” (Bordeaux) at the “Goats do Roam” (Côte du Rhône) winery.  Clever, huh?  On Saturday, we attempted to go to Robben Island,  where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated; however, the clerk said that ocean swells prevented the boat from going… despite the fact there were no waves and other smaller boats offered to take us on trips. 

Thanks so much for reading our blog and sharing in this unique experience with us.  We cannot wait to see you all!  As for a short conclusion on our project, our recommendation is going to be the a point of care infant diagnostic device for HIV is a good idea and would improve quality of care in Botswana and Namibia… however, it wouldn’t be a top priority for the government, since they already do a pretty good job testing infants.  We’re excited to reconnect with the other Global Health Initiative teams who worked in Uganda, South Africa and Mozambique, since each of those countries is so different from the middle-income, sparsely populated Namibia and Botswana.  We’ll be happy to talk about it more if you’re interested!

Have a wonderful week! – Erin     


Mammaw and Pappaw:
August 12, 2008

Can't wait to see you this week end. We have so enjoyed the experiences with you vicariously. Thank you so much. Love you, Pappaw and Mammaw
Jim O'Rourke:
August 12, 2008
Congratulations on a successful trip. Your mission was both important and, from what I read these days, urgent. I'm eager to hear about your travels and what your foudn there. Best wishes from all of us on campus.
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