The Cape of Good Hope

July 3, 2008 - Cape Town, South Africa

It was cold and rainy in Cape Town today, so we nixed hiking Table Mountain.  Instead, our group and the other group of Kellogg students hired a tour guide to take us down the peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope. Since the weaather was ugly anyway, being in the car for four hours wasn't a big deal.  Along the way, we took a boat out to see seals, saw the remains of an old English fort, saw penguins and the clincher....saw baboons!  Who knew that baboons lived all the way down at the Cape of Good Hope?!  It was a fun trip with a fun group - including our tour guide, Wasfe, who is "looking forward to his second wife; which is ok due to the worldwide shortage of women."  Interesting guy.  

Right now, we are at a cafe eating breakfast food for dinner.  Last night, Erin and I both were wide awake at 4am, managed to fall asleep after an hour of reading, and then slept right through our 8am alarm.  I think everyone's bodies are still be adjusting.

Tomorrow morning, we will catch a flight to Windhoek, Namibia.  We'll hang out for the weekend, and then, we begin our actual work on Monday.  We're scheduled to meet with the Namibian Institute of Pathology.  Looking forward to getting started.

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Travis squatting with his baboon buddy
GHI Kellogg 2008
Houk Bay
Peter checking out the seals


July 3, 2008
Awesome pictures!! Thanks for the update!
July 4, 2008
Baboons are awesome! But watch out: hey like to steal things! (I'm not kidding!)
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