Seems a bit more like Africa... In Namibia

July 4, 2008 - Windhoek, Namibia

We arrived in Namibia this morning.  (A two-hour flight north of Capetown... Jordan wants me to type that I've slept about 90% of the time in planes or taxis.  I call it a defense mechanism against motion sickness... but he might think I'm lazy.)  The airport is 40 minutes away from the City, so we got to see a lot of the landscape, which seems a bit more like how we'd imagine Africa.  Low brush, sandy, hills in the background.  Now, we've spent most of the day in the mall - so it still feels a lot like America.  Except we're missing summer... its in the 50's and sunny here.  We're all hitting up the stores to buy long-sleeved shirts.   Miss you all... Happy 4th of July!  - Erin



Mammaw and Pappaw:
July 4, 2008
What a wonderful gift you are giving those of us who will not get to Africa. I have shared your blog with our friends and extended family. Hope you don't mind. Jordan, better sleep than barfing in your lap. Dinner with the Linville's this evening---all 18 of then and then fireworks. Wish we could share with you. Hugs all around. Mammaw and Pappaw
Ann Hinshaw:
July 5, 2008
Hello loves, what an awesome way to share your trip! As so many others have already said, you are both such amazing people and it gives this aunt great pride to say we're related! Be safe and keep the stories coming as this is the closest I will ever be to Africa!
Love you both, Aunt Ann
Becky Vanden Busch:
July 5, 2008
Erin that is funny you mentioned that you slpet 90% of the time during your traveling.... I kept taking drammamine when we were driving to M.T. because I can't sit still for 30 minutes let alone 24 hours!

Those are some animals I definently wouldn't expect to see in Africa! Penguins!! I hope you and Jordan start adjusting to the time change. And I really hope you have a great trip. Can't wait to see you Labor day weekend!

I will continue to read this to see what you guys are doing.

Be safe!
Love Becky
July 6, 2008
I'm so jealous. Sounds like things are going great so far. Thanks for the updates!
Lisa Daul:
July 7, 2008
Hi guys,

I would sleep too Erin. So much better than getting motion sickness. I am glad to hear things are going well. It is really nice to be able to read your updates and to see you are having a good time.

4th of July was sunny and hot up here. We went with a group of people rafting down the Wolf River on Saturday and had a great time.

Take care.

Love Aunt Lisa
Linda Klein:
July 7, 2008
Travis's mother (Nancy) just sent me this. I called because I never received blog info. I am so excited that we can communicate. The internet is fascinating me. In addition, I am so happy to know all of you are well and enjoying your journey. Of course, I wish I were there with you. Having just received this I have not seen animal photos yet. I did see the desert area you are in. Stay in touch and be well.Love and kisses to all of you and my Peter....hope you come across a large, non-poisonous reptile...
Linda K:
July 8, 2008
Hi Peter,
I looked at the map and it looks like you will be close to the border of Zimbabwe. I am certain all of you are aware of the problems brewing there. Of course, you know that I hope you will be far from there, but I cannot tell from the map.
Be well and keep in touch....Love to all.....Mom
Aunt Lisa G:
July 15, 2008
This is too cool! What amazing pictures! Truly desert. Like the Packer hat Erin.
Will so miss you at the wedding, but think of you often.
Please stay safe, please.
Aunt Lisa
P.S. The motion sickness is one of the family plights, no cruises in my future, ever.
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