Across Botswana in a BMW

July 18, 2008 - Mokolodi, Botswana

We made it safely across the Kalahari and to the east side of Botswana!  On Thursday, we left Windhoek, but the car rental place didn't have the Toyota Corolla we had reserved.  So, we ended up in a BMW, which was a very easy way to attract unwanted attention wherever we went.  We drove to Gobabis, Namibia and visited a hospital and clinic, before advancing to Ghanzi, Botswana and spending the night at the Kalahari Arms.  It had the feel of a seedy trailer park on Route 40, but it was by far the nicest place around. 

The drive from Ghanzi to Gaborone today was quite the adventure.  It took around 6 hours and, as warned, we had to stop multiple times to allow free roaming animals to cross the road. Mainly cows and goats, but there were a few more exotic animals as well.  All in all, very boring though.

Tonight, we are at the Mokolodi Backpackers Lodge and hoping to do a game drive tomorrow at the Mokolodi Reserve.  It's a holiday (President's Day) in Botswana on Monday and Tuesday, so  we can use that time to work on the Namibia portion of our presentation for the Gates Foundation.

Hopefully, we'll have a more exciting entry next time, but this is the best I could do with two days in the car.  Though if you haven't seen video of the Catholic youth choir that Erin uploaded, check it out!   Hope everyone is doing well.




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Aunt Lisa G:
July 23, 2008
Happy B-Day, Erin. (couple of days late, sorry!)
Hope you are all getting enough rest. Cool animals, makes our squirrels seem rather boring.
Love and miss you,
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