Meeting UB's new faculty!

July 24, 2008 - Gaborone, Botswana

Yesterday was ourfirst day of meetings in Gaborone.  The 4of us had planned to reconvene for lunch at the main mall, but all we couldfind for food was KFC, Chickin Lickin, the Hungry Lion and equally greasy fastfood joints.  So, we tried to walk to arestaurant, but didn’t have good directions and eventually ended up at theUniversity of Botswana.  Turns out, itwas freshman orientation day, so there were older students helping the youngerones find their way around.  So, I askeda guy if there was food on campus.  Heled us to the “refrectory???”, which ended up being the faculty lounge.  Clearly, he decided that we were closer inage to faculty than new students (especially given our business casual andformal dress), which is sadly true.  Somewoman took pity on us, and even though we shouldn’t have been in the lounge,explained that a plate of food was 20 paula (~$3.30).  Hence, our introduction to ethnic Botswanafood (link to pic here).  Cooking dinnerat home is equally difficult – we have two stove tops and a large toaster oven,which is about 2 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft.  So,tonight, we’re taking a cab to the Riverwalk, which is supposed to be a nicearea with restaurants.  We hope! (Gabs isnot known for being a super exciting place, so our blog entries for the nextweek definitely won’t be about wild animals or treks up dunes – sorry!)

Not a lot toreport on meetings.  Everyone we meetwith tells us how important a letter from the Ministry of Health is in order toschedule meetings with anyone that works at a healthcare facility.  I’m responsible for turning in the letterstoday, but we’ll see how fast the turnaround time on those are.  Given that we are leaving Gabs in a week, I’mnot too sure how it will work out.  InWindhoek, we occasionally just showed up at meetings, and once again, someoneusually took pity on us and met with us.

Thanks forreading.  Have a great day! – Erin     


Kathy Linville:
July 24, 2008
Good to hear from you guys. You didn't mention McDonalds--they surely haven't missed out! Sounds like the U of B detour was a happy accident. Have fun and be well.

Love Mom L
July 24, 2008
Please canvas your traveling companions & publish the results to this question: If you had any choice what food would you choose your first day back?
I'm curious?
Aunt Linda
Kei Noguchi:
July 25, 2008
Hey PK - Glad to see that it sounds like you guys are having a tremendous time!!! Kei
Aunt Ann:
July 26, 2008
Erin and Jordan. Great to hear that all is well and that your adventure continues with lots of new experiences. I think the answers to Linda's question about food on your first day back should be very telling indeed!
Take care of each other and know that you're loved!

Aunt Ann
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