Poker, baboons, and meals we miss

July 27, 2008 - Gaborone, Botswana

The food situation has been interesting.  We have come up with three pretty good meals from our meager counter-top oven, but we’ve eaten out three of the last four nights.  Entertainment is also a little hard to come by.  On Friday night, we sat around, drank beer, and played cards.  Travis taught us the game “three card” which Erin quickly dominated.  Jordan did a magic trick that didn’t work and Peter lost a bet that required him to bring in the bath mat off the clothesline.  All in all, a good night!  On Saturday, we went to the local theater and saw the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight.”  It was shot in Chicago, so it was sort of weird for us to see very familiar street scenes in the alleged Gotham City.  The movie is not as good as the first, but good nonetheless.  Especially when the alternative is watching one of the twenty TV evangelists that we get on our TV in the hostel.  Riveting. 

Today, we went and climbed Kgale View, a small “mountain” by the Game City mall where we had stayed last weekend.  We befriended some local soccer players who are living in a house down the street from us, and they went with us to hike.  Really nice guys, and we were very glad to have somebody who could show us the trail to the top.   It was also interesting to hear their views on the US, Africa, religion, and the upcoming presidential election – which they seem to follow closer than me.   And when we asked them what actor Peter looked like, without missing a beat, they said, “John Travolta.”  Yes!!!

Funny story from Thursday.  Peter and Travis had left a meeting on Thursday, right by Kgale View which is baboon country.  They heard a rustling in a garbage can and all of a sudden, out jumps this huge baboon.  He looks at them, runs across the road, sits down, and starts eating the grass of the office complex.  They said that no one else really found this unusual, but we all find it hilarious.  We also saw many baboons today as we hiked down Kgale View, some of which were walking around the mall parking lot.  We are feverishly trying to figure out how we can get a baboon through customs and keep it as a pet.  I’m pretty sure you could train one to wear a smoking jacket and bring drinks. 

That’s all for now.  A full schedule of meetings tomorrow to kick-off our last five days in Gaborone before we leave for Kasane (the fun portion of our trip) on Friday.

-          Jordan

A quick note from Erin: My Aunt Linda asked what food we missed and were most eager to eat upon returning to the States.  Here’s the poll: chocolate chip cookies (Peter and Erin), Giordano’s Pizza (Jordan) and Mom’s manicotti (Travis).  (Aw, how sweet!)  Before going on our trip, I expected to miss salads and veggies, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised that we can drink the water and therefore eat uncooked veggies in Namibia and Botswana.  I guess that’s why they call it “Africa-Lite” here, which given that we’re here for over 5 weeks, is just fine by me! 


The group out at Primi Piatti (Riverwalk Mall)
Erin's gourmet cooking
Card Sharks


Mammaw and Pappaw:
July 28, 2008
I am awfully anxious for you to come home but will really miss this blog. We do enjoy it so. Travel safely and God Bless. Mammaw
Kathy Linville:
July 28, 2008
Oh my gosh, you guys are the best!. What a wonderful experience you're having. I do have to ask, though, why Jordan's magic trick didn't work. He was the master a few year's ago. Don't let it go, baby. Maybe the baboon can be a helper. Al says that in TL, women have the toothpaste on you brush when you wake up. Can a baboon do that? Favorite food--hmmm-chili pone pie? Love you both so much. Take care and be well.
Love Mom L
July 28, 2008
Guys - Your blog is fantastic (not to mention the work you're doing!). Glad you're having a good experience. Wanted to wish Erin a happy belated birthday and both of you a happy belated anniversary!! :)

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