Worm Eating Billionaires

August 7, 2008 - Cape Town, South Africa

I had wanted to post a few stories when we were in Gabs, but lack of internet and time prevented it, so I thought I’d back-track a bit.  So we’re in Capetown now, but these entry is some random musings.  First, if you haven’t been following the news, Zimbabwe has been experiencing the worst inflation rates since Nazi Germany in the 1940’s.  We’re talking rates over 10,000% per year.  As you might suspect, prices have risen a wee bit.  Here is a paper we bought in Gabs…check out the price circled in red!  Yeah, that’s $50 billion Zimbabwe dollars for a newspaper.  One of the Zimbabwe workers at our hotel was entertained by how shocked we were on this, and he gave us a $5 billion Zimbabwe bill.  We’re billionaires!  It’s the only currency we’ve ever seen with an expiration date on it:  “This bill must be used by December 31, 2008.”  Crazy.

So how did we celebrate our new found riches?  We ate worms.  Our friend, Will, was telling us about how they eat Malpane worms, and the next day, he showed up with a bag of worms.  Mmmm….even after sautéing them in onions and peppers, we couldn’t get Travis and Erin to try them.  But Peter and I gave it a shot.  Here is the before, and here is the after.   Once you powered through the initial crunchiness and feeling of legs in your mouth, we both agreed that it tasted a bit like bacon mixed with dirt.  All in all, pretty disgusting.

Finally, here are some random observations of mine:

-          Everyone here uses Yahoo email.  No gmail or hotmail.

-          They enjoy the VERY liberal use of mayonnaise

-          Hot dogs and baked beans for breakfast…totally normal.  We ate it for a week.

-          When you shake hands, touch the elbow of the shaking arm with the opposite hand.  it's the classy thing to do.


Three days left...




The worm chef
One expensive newspaper!
Big Bowl of Worms

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Kathy Linville:
August 8, 2008
Oh my gosh,
You've always been an adversome eater, but even if I didn't know they were worms, that is the most revolting plate I've ever seen! But...that's my boy! Have a safe trip home. Love to Erin (the saner one).
Love Mom
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