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About us

Peter, Travis, Jordan and Erin just graduated from Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern Univ) on June 21. Before starting our jobs, we wanted to put some of our new MBA skills to use by doing service in Africa! We're so excited for our trip and are glad that you are interested too. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

A little about each of us (from left to right)....

About our trip

Our trip is one of 16+ Kellogg Corps trips, which is a program designed to help grads perform international service work for 3-6 weeks.

Three of the trips are part of a larger program called Global Health Initiatives (GHI), which is a collaboration betweenKellogg, the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and AbbottLaboratories and sponsored by a grant from the the Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation. The goal is to develop HIV/AIDS diagnostic andtreatment devices for use in resource-limited settings (i.e. rural areas in developing countries). Over 33 million people have HIV or AIDS, and most of them cannot afford adequate treatment. Unfortunately, it is difficult for private corporations to really address theproblem because they have shareholders, stock prices, etc. and there is verylittle money to be made treating people with...very little money. So partnerships like this are essential to address the epidemic in a sustainable way (i.e. moving away from charity care to a point where companies can make a small profit).

Visited countries

Botswana, Namibia, South Africa. (3 countries, 2%)

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