River Cruise, and Zipline over a waterfall

March 18, 2010 - Negril, Jamaica

Today’s adventure was to go on a river cruise, see a waterfall, and go on a zip line. The river cruise was on the Black River. The tour was really fun because we saw three crocodiles, which they are protected by law. So if someone tries to kill them, they will go to jail. The river is surrounded by huge mountains and beautiful plants. The driver took us to a part of the river and a bunch of us went swimming. The river is fresh water and we didn’t get eaten by crocodiles.

The next stop was at YS falls. YS falls has a beautiful waterfall. Aly and I went on the ziplines and flew over the waterfall. It was intense. The zipline guys were very flirtatious and tried to pick us up. It was ridiculous haha. After, we all chilled in the waterfall and got bruised up legs because of the slippery rocks.

The ride back was interesting. We got to see a lot of villiages. It was neat to look at the types of houses people live in. No house or hotel can be taller than the trees. Each house was very tiny and gated up. Many houses had lots of fences. There were many little convenience stores and bars along the road.

In the evening, Mike and I got some pizza and fries and watched the sun set.


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March 24, 2010
Glad you didn't get eaten by crocs! Makes it hard to get blog posts that way! Cool post - it sounds really beautiful and interesting. I messed with a personal zip line but never did one of these big ones - YET!!!! W.C.C.

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