I didn't know where I half the time

March 14, 2010 - Arlington, Virginia, United States

What a day! Today was the day we were supposed to go to Negril, Jamaica. But, that didn’t happen.

Our flight was changed on us Saturday night from 6 am till 1230 pm which bumped us to go on two layovers, first to Washington DC and then Atlanta. Once we got to Washington DC, we got off the plane and heard an announcement that our flight to Atlanta would be delayed for 90 minutes which would make us miss our flight from Atlanta to Montego Bay. We stood in the Delta line for about an hour and got Stella at the desk. What a woman! She did her best to get us a flight to Jamaica, but that didn’t work. The soonest we could get was 730 am to Detroit, Michigan and then a direct flight to Montego Bay at 1030 am. I was ready to sleep on the airport floor. But then she was finding us a hotel. None of us wanted to spend money on a hotel. But when we asked how much it was, she said “why would I tell you?” Let me just say I wanted to hug this woman so much. She got us two hotel rooms at the Hilton in Crystal City, Virginia fo FREEE. We’re in Virginia now?! Haha I didn’t know where I was the whole day. Luckily, she was the supervisor, got us two free hotel rooms, $21 dollars in vouchers for the hotel/airport, and told us how to get the free shuttle there. This woman is amazing. She was helping us for a good 90 minutes, and she deserved a break after us five crazy college kids.

The crappy part is that our luggage is waiting for us in Montego Bay. She gave us airport kits with a toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, razor, tshirt, and bathroom things to hold us over.

We got to the hotel and went to dinner. The restaurant was very, very fancy and expensive, but we had vouchers! For the rest of the night we hung out in the hotel room and went to bed early.

Looking at the bright side of things, I’ve never been to Virginia or Michigan and we got a free fancy hotel stay. I’m loving vacation.


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