Fun in the Sun

March 16, 2010 - Negril, Jamaica

Today was really good. Mike and I got up at 8 and got some breakfast in the hotel. The view from the patio is amazing. It is right on the beach. The area was quiet because everyone was out partying late last night. Our room is on the second floor with a porch and the boys next door came out and we’re really hung over and just talked about nothing. They were also red as lobsters. That was the entertainment for the morning. All five of us sat on the beach and found out that our luggage would be coming today around 1:00 (even though it didn’t get here till after 4:00, but it still came!)

Mike, Aly, and I went on a Jet Ski ride for a half an hour in the morning. Holy crap, it’s amazing. I really want to go another time this week. We got to go all around the ocean and just adventure the water. Pretty epic.

In the afternoon, Mike and I went on a booze cruise with the company we booked through. I didn’t get drunk, but what a shit show. It was entertaining. Everyone kept falling because they were drunk and the boat was slippery and going fast over the waves. All the ass hole jocks were just stupid and fun to watch.

The boat took us to Rick’s Café which is a café, bar, and a 50 foot cliff that people can jump off of. I did it! I was so scared at first but it was really fun! There are also a 40, 20, and 10 foot jump. I just went for the 50 foot jump cause it seemed like the most thrilling jump to do. And Littleton kids were there. WTF? Small world.

The ride back was crazy. The boat was going over huge waves which made all the drunken kids become more dumb. Some thought they could balance, and some just kept slipping and falling.

Tonight, we’re going to a bar down the beach and it’s more of a local bar than college bar which should be sweet.


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