Swimming with the fishys

March 17, 2010 - Negril, Jamaica

The Jamaican concert last night was really good. The singer was awesome and we all just hung out for an hour or so and then Mike and I went back and crashed because we were so exhausted.

We woke up and chilled on the beach for the morning. The sky was blue, the water was clear, and there weren’t many cloud at all. Jamaicans walk up and down the beach selling things like bread, lobster, ganja, juice, bracelets, and all sorts of things. We bought some juice, and it was delicious! Mike got a stomach thing and had to go to the toilet about twice an hour till 3 pm.

At 3 pm we went on a glass bottom boat tour which was awesome! I had always wanted to go on one and it was the best thing. We could see coral and fish underneath us. The driver was a crazy Jamaican and wore a shark hat. The captain took us to a coral reef and we snorkeled and went into a cave. The reef was so pretty. I noticed that a lot of it was white which means it is dead or dying. The ocean temperature is rising which is killing the reefs. Otherwise, the fish were beautiful and the reefs were amazing. The Captain brought us to Rick’s café where the cliff jumping is and we watched a few people jump. None of us wanted to jump, so we didn’t stay too long. On the way back, the captain free styled and sang a bunch of songs to us. He was pretty entertaining. Most likely high too, but what Jamaican isn’t on this island.

For the night, Mike was still crapping his pants, so we got chicken on the side of the road, which is delicious by the way, and called it an early night. The only downfall with booking with a spring break company, is that is it spring break. I didn’t think about it before I signed up for this. Music from 10 am till 2 am and ass hole neighbors who don’t shut up. I came more to see Jamaica than get drunk and sleep all day. Thank goodness I still have my airplane ear plugs.

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