Gloucester and Wales!

February 8, 2009 - Cardiff, United Kingdom

Mark and I did a bus tour through Gloucester and then to Wales. Gloucester is a small town that had many shops - mainly consisting of bakerys, cake shops, wedding dress shops, and menswear. There were other small stores, but a lot of bridal shops, so go to Gloucester if you want to get married and get  everything on the same road haha. The Cathedral there is where many scenes in Harry Potter were filmed. I was so EXCITEDDD! I updated the albulms so check out the pics if you want. After Gloucester, we hit up a ruin called Tintern Abby in Wales. It is a ruin because King Henry the 8th came along and took all the glass windows and roof to sell to make money. Now the walls are the only thing left for the abbey. It was closed because of the ice so we couldn't waunder around the ruins, but there are small craft shops nearby. We then drove to Chepstow Castle and it was HUGE! It is the oldest caslte in Great Britian. It was right on the cliff on a river and on the other side in England. There were lots of little rooms, and large rooms, and and explaination board in every room. I took lots of pictures. If you see the pictures with a small hole looking down to the river, its a poop shoot. It's probably why the river is so brown haha just kiddddding. The bus ride back was horrible because it was 3 hours and they wouldn't do a pit stop. But other than that, it was a great day!!

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February 11, 2009
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