July 10, 2007

Welcome to my travel journal on Fuzzy Travel! I will use this site to keep everybody up-to-date on my travels. So by all means, visit back soon to check out my new journal entries, pictures, map and my profile. If you want to get notified when I update my journal, you can sign up for email notifications or subscribe to the RSS feed. 8)


September 10, 2007
Hey there chickpea.

Missing you like crazy, looks like you are having an absolute ball, not fair when I am stuck back here in mundanity. Work is absolutely shithouse and I have to tell them that they pretty much suck today, which I am not looking forward to. Hope to hear from you soon.

Luv Jaz
October 22, 2007
Hi honey,

Hope you are having an awesome time darl!! Cant wait to catch up when you visit us again (eventually).. :) I dont blame you for staying in any other part of the world!! Im in vancouver canada! Vegas next! Cant wait, put my gambling "skills" to the test! Take care and keep in touch!

Love, Laurie x
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