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March 31, 2007 - Barcelona, Spain

As of two weeks ago I am gainfully employed as an intern at cloud9 (, a small architecture firm in Barcelona lead by Señor Enric Ruiz-Geli ( Among other things, the practice makes buildings out of plastic, lights, and salt. I am slowly becoming reacquainted with my old friends 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, and Photoshop. The coworkers are pretty terrific. Only a few are Spanish, but nearly all speak English, and those that don't still seem to better communicate with me using their few English words rather than my few Spanish.

The weekend before my first day there was an after wedding party in Empuriabrava at a cloud9 project currently under construction called Villa Nurbs ( A bubble man named Pep Bou ( performed in the house, cloud9 people set up projections and d.j.ed, and we danced for hours.

The first week of work was a little stressful as I still without an apartment. Finding one is practically impossible here without a phone, so I recently became a proud owner of a spring loaded, sexy, black Nokia 2652. During the search I spent a couple of nights with one coworker, a couple nights with another, and one night under my desk in the office, slightly cold and worried throughout I would not wake up before the first person arrived in the morning. However, at the beginning of this past week I found a good room at a good price in a good location with a good person. It even has a window! (feels like winning the lottery).

Betty, a young happen'n interior designer from just outside Barcelona, is working outside the city for the next two months and I am subletting her room of the apartment. The refrigerator is in the living room, the sink is in the shower (or rather the bathroom as a whole acts as a shower), and my room is taller than either wide or long. My new flatmate, Anna, is my patient part time language teacher as we speak only in Spanish. In reality she is an actress in a theatre, Barcelonian soap opera, and a fancy restaurant where the guests are blindfolded...and she secretary work part time in a university. Some of this may not be true, as I misunderstand much of what she says.

These past two weeks have consisted of seemingly endless computer time (for the moment, very satisfying), cafe/smoke breaks, 2 hour lunches, cooking and over eating in my 2 square meter kitchen, delirious happy hours until morning, super sound sleeping in a real bed, and countless small discoveries on the 20 minute walk to and from work.

Maybe I've said this before, but Barcelona is really quite amazing. There is an incredible variety of people here, and something for each of us. At long last I have found the perfect store. It is called Servei Estació. Imagine Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, and Ikea interbreeding and giving birth in the center of Barcelona ( Last Wednesday there was some Salsa classes with Felix (giant coworker from Germany), and a sweet Swedish girl named Elin (flatmates of another coworker). This might become a weekly occurrence. There are rumors of a Dabadaba party this weekend (still not sure what this is). Last night was tapas and pool playing in an extremely smoky bar. I am still searching for a place with air hockey.

Loneliness pervades, but I'll be damned if it keeps me from having fun. Mid-May is the magic deadline. By then I have to know if I stay or if I go- if stay, where will I stay- if go, where will I go- etc. Until then, here's my info...

C/ Diputació, 354, 1-2
08013 Barcelona

011 34 660312584
(it's free for me to receive calls)

Please drop me a line, and let me know if you're doing fine.


Villa Nurbs projections
bubble man
Villa Nurbs machinery


Jennifer Lazar:
March 31, 2007
Hey Hale,

Sounds like a wonderful life (at least for the time being). Enyoy!

The project on my house is complete (with the exception of some decorating) and I am very happily working in my new office! The space is loved by all, but none more than me. Gracias, gracias, gracias. I know it will be a while but I can't wait for you to see what you've done when you get back to ATX.

Much love and gratitude,
March 31, 2007
Dear Hale -- A job in Barcelona! I'm impressed! Congratulations!

We're hanging on mid-May, also. That's when the new house is now supposed to be ready. Had to reschedule my knee replacement surgery because the house deadline came and went. Hope I don't have to reschedule again. Doc wants me in a single story dwelling before the knife.

Wish you were here to see the "green" approaches we have taken with this house. It's not totally green, as we don't seem to have enough money to go all the way. But I like the things we have been able to do. Now if I can just figure out how to capture the rain runoff without butt-ugly gutters.

I'm sorry that the lonliness wave washes over you on occasion. Glad to hear that you won't let it spoil your fun.

Love and peace -- Kay
Boyd Slade:
April 8, 2007
Hey Hale

Been reading your adventures with envy…if only I was so young! Reed was over this week as we continue our quest to make a board (not sure what it is called) he can jump on the trampoline with, that does not suffer severe material failure. Your Mom makes it over now and then between her travels and we share a few glasses of evil drink and talk about your travels. You folks are probably together this weekend if I remember her agenda correctly.

Still working on the dirt room project…it is taking shape and I may pour concrete in the next few weeks.

Later. Boyd
Auntie Mary:
April 13, 2007
Hi Hale, always enjoy hearing about your adventures and marvelling at your reselience! I couldn't have done all that -- even when I WAS young! Glad you're having fun while getting it all together. What an experience: getting to be an architect in Spain!!! Spring is beautiful here -- partly c/o the rain we've had: lots of wild flowers, amazing little birds in the back yard (no baby owls in the owl house as yet -- that I've seen) and wonderful days. So glad to hear you and Mama got to spend Easter together. Guess I'll get to see her this weekend -- or next week when we get together with a U.S. guy we met in Mexico on the Spring Break trip. Cant' wait to hear about the next move (or choice of venues) for you in May.
April 14, 2007
dearest hale.

i cannnnnnnnnot believe you got a freaking job at cloud9. you make me so proud, i'm weeping :) also, i think it's awesome that you're living by the seat of your pants and sleeping under desks and such. think of all the awesome stories you'll have to tell your children about.... just think....


much much love... and invite to stay wtih beckums whenever you make it back this way!
a n a
June 6, 2007
hale thanks for el Señor
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