Uganda: the past week

July 11, 2009 - Jinja, Uganda

 We arrived in Entebbe on Monday, surprised to be picked up in a brand new Mercedes Benz and taken to Tom's incredible three story home in Kampala. Kyabazaala, the village of 2000 people where we are staying, is more of the African countryside that we were expecting. Our first day at the school, we were introduced to the 437 students, grades "S1-S6" (junior high/ highschool) and had a tour around the building and area. As you can imagine this is much different from a typical school at home - class sizes are as large as 70 students and long skinny wooden boards were used as desks with many students sitting shoulder to shoulder. Some students board at the school - the 40 boarding girls live in a small single room with close to 15 triple-decker bunk beds.

Despite these difficult conditions, everyone at the school and in Kybazalla have been so welcoming and cheerful for our visit. We have made ourselves available to help in anyway possible at the school, and have had the opportunity to teach many classes about our country and experiences and to learn about their own. Progress on the new building at the school is great - these new rooms will serve as "multi-purpose" with extra space for teaching and teacher's offices (currently all 20+ teachers share a single small room with a single table!).  We will be helping with building and will continue teaching and learning from students next week.

Loi and her family have been so kind to us, welcoming us to her nice home and providing us with lovely meals. Life in Africa has certainly been much different than at home, but we are really enjoying it here and hope that we can be of some help to the school and the community. The people are all so friendly and our morning walks to school have been filled with kind welcomes and lots of excited children!

Now we are off for the weekend to visit Jinja, we are staying at a hostel on the Nile river and had a great time rafting down the river this afternoon. Tomorrow we are off to explore the city of Jinja and the "soft-power" education and health centre before returning home to Kyabazaala tomorrow evening.

Sorry to leave this short but there are many others waiting to use the computer at the hostel!

Photos will be uploaded as soon as we have a chance (these computers cannot read USB drives unfortunately).

Many more stories to come!

The Langleys


Margaret Meyer:
July 12, 2009
Dear Hugh and Girls,

How exciting to follow your travels on computer ! Our Uganda family have arrived in Canada, but not in Kingston yet. They will be interested to read your fuzzytravel letters. I expect you went rafting at the same place where they been. Just imagine - you have stood in the foot of the mighty Nile. See any bats yet ?

We're with you !
Margaret and Hunter
Elizabeth Muwonge:
July 12, 2009
Hello Langley girls and Guy,

Looking forward to seeing the pictures and more of your next adventures.

The soccer game was a hit; I heard that you even had music blasting during the game with much excitement. Your visit is much appreciated. Great job!
Janet krzeczkowski:
July 13, 2009
Hey !
These blogs are very interesting to read, it sounds awesome!
I cant wait to see pictures !
Have an amazing time, we are thinking about you lots at home:)
July 15, 2009
AWESOME! glad you are all having fun. what an adventure!

can't wait to hear all about it (and see pictures!!!) when i get home,
love alie
Pam Jessop:
July 15, 2009
Hi Langley Adventurers - great travel blog! I'm posting your messages on the bulletin board at OBSP. Everyone here sends their regards. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Pam
Michelle Kasaboski:
July 20, 2009
Hey Langley Family!

Paige and I have been keeping up with your adventures here on the home computer - your website is bookmarked for easy access :). I am so glad you are having a good time, it must be such a rewarding experience helping the school and community there. Also good to here that you got to see some of London town! It was one of our personal favourites and such a cool city. I can't believe you guys saw some famous people too - Emma and Clara you must have been pretty excited to see Luna Lovegood :P! The Harry Potter movie is fantastic by the way, you will love it. Oh yes, all of this talk of Potter reminds me...Paige and I wanted to mention that if you are flying out of London again on your way home and have some hours to wait, you should make sure you stop at the London Train Station - there is definitely something between Platforms 9 and 10!!

We can't wait to here about your trip in a couple of weeks - see you then!


Michelle :)
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