July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009 - Kampala, Uganda

Dear All,


Please forgive the lack of photos and updates. Internet of any speed is not available in Uganda. We have had a fantastic time, particularly at the school, teaching all kinds of lessons. The building is progressing extremely well with a team of six men on the job for the past two weeks. The soccer match was a major event with all the folks from two villages present for a great game with the new uniforms and shoes (please see the pictures). We have been in Kampala for several days and have all kinds of photos to download once we are home on the weekend. I will make sure there is a little story with each picture. This country is beautiful. The people are even better; the kindest and most accommodating you will ever meet.



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July 23, 2009
Hugh, Annie, Emma and Clara

This is exactly the kind of work people would want to support. Not bells and whistle, just the basics. I am pumped and ready to do all I can to help. Great job and looking forward to your return!
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