Out of Africa (Morocco Part 2)

August 19, 2007 - Gibraltar, Gibraltar

This is just a quick update for everyone to let them know that I managed to survive the cockroaches, the scorpions, the squat toilets and the food and I am now safely back in Spain to start the last week and a half of travel in the south of Spain.


The second part of my Moroccan trip was just as amazing as the first part. I got to experience a local Hammam -- which is like a public bath where everyone is totally naked and they scrub you down all over (I could see the dirt rolling off) and then rub you in oil and give you a massage. While this experience was initially awkward it was something that I will remember for a lifetime. We also went to this AMAZING beach on the Atlantic Ocean with huge waves and white sand. I also bought more goods (mostly clothes and silver jewelry) really cheaply in Marrakesh. I would definitely go back to Morocco. While it was somewhat of a grueling experience being in campgrounds, it made me appreciate everything we have in a first world country and I also got to see and experience things that were so different from what I'm used to. I'm off to Cadiz this afternoon to enjoy the beach and work some more on my tan!


My new tattoo
The beach at Essouera
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