Mozambique and Namibia

August 14, 2009 - Etosha National Park, Namibia


I haven't written any entries here in so very long partly because I've been lazy, but, mostly, because it feels like cheating :   it ain't "Ine and Thomas' trip" if Thomas wasn't there with me... And now I'm mostly writing this for him (hello Thomas), because I want him to see the pictures, and because I need him to know that I'll be home soon, and I'm expecting smoked almon and cream cheese bagels. I trust his grandmother and mother will get him busy with that.
After my time in Australia, I spent about two weeks in northern Mozambique camping on an island in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Nikki, my friend from university, had arranged for us to be there with people she knows, and ALL of it was nothing but 120% amazing. I hope the pictures show it, so that I won't have to try to write it into words. And during this period, there were also some big steps for me: I learnt to cook more dishes than I previously knew, I overcame my fear of the deeper-ish waters and went snorkelling, almost (but not really) saw a shark, learnt that scorpion stings cannot be treated, learnt that spiders can cause the most infectious and necrotic bites, got wounds that got infected and re-infected, etc etc. And also; If I ever complained about dirty laundry and being dusty and dirty, it's clearer now that I hadn't been camping for a month yet. When I get home, I am heading straight for the washing machine.
Then we spent two weeks in Namibia. This must be one of the most spectacuilar countries on the planet. If countries could fall in love, I think that New Zealand and Namibia would get together and have children. One of the highlights was a four day-long trek in the fish river canyon. And again, I learned a lot. No less than three tyres were changed, we know what leopard tracks circling our campsite look like, we learnt what the healthiest dried meats are, we learnt how much sand there really is in the desert, etc etc. Go visit Namibia!
I'm about to check in at the airport, but I didn't want to leave those pictures without a background story. Now I'm going home.



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