Day 1 Off to Venice

April 27, 2013 - Venice, Italy

Day 1 Off to Venice
Even though there are budget cuts that have affected flights t/o the country, our flights went off without a hitch and was the fastest we've ever made it to Italy;  7 hrs and 52 minutes.  The flight was smooth and comfortable and our luggage arrived on time also.  The Boeing 767 is a great plane to fly on.
We had pre-booked a private water taxi from the Airport into Venice, and again, it was a very easy and comfortable way to get into the city. We got checked into Hotel Ponte Mocenigo in the Santa Croce area of Venice.
The hotel is really nice and has its own water entrance that the boat can pull into.
It had rained in the morning before we arrived but was drying up later in the day.
We walked down near the San Giacomo area and watched the  goings on in the piazza. As with most piazzas in Italy, the lives of the people in the neighborhood revolve around the piazza, and there a lot of people of all ages enjoying the day, talking, kids playing, eating, etc.  We had some bruschetta and a gelato for lunch and walked back to the hotel, enjoying views of many small canals we'd never seen before.  The wisteria is blooming unbelievably and we saw 3 very good sized arbors of it blooming profusely.
We made reservations for dinner at 7:15 at MuroVenezia San Stae on the way back to the hotel.  The dinner there was very good and we each had a pizza from their assortment of about 20 different kinds.  Berta had a Tabia that had cheeses, including gorgonzola and also mushrooms and onions.  I had a Diavolo which had cheese and spicy salami.  Both were very good and we eat ate half of each others.
It started raining lightly while we were eating, and afterwards we took a vaporetto to The Rialto Bridge and took a few pictures as it was getting dark.  We then took another vaporetto to St. Mark's square and took pictures of St. Mark's piazza and other places in that area.  It was 9-11 pm and everything was pretty crowded for this early in the tourist season.
Tomorrow we take a tour of the old clock tower with a clock that is about 500 years old.  Overlooking St. Mark's Square, the clock has a large bell that is run by large, mechanize, human figures that strike the bell when it's time.
The weather looks iffy for tomorrow.  We've always had pretty good weather in Venice, but it's supposed to rain again.  Welcome to northern Italy!!  Much of Europe has been socked in with a huge area of clouds and rain, and I hope a high pressure system can move some of it out of the way.  I'm hoping for some blue skies for better photography.
See you tomorrow.


Santa Maria de la Salute from San Marcho
The bell and mechanized figures on the clock tower
View of small canal from our room


April 28, 2013
The wisteria is beautiful! What a great flowering vine for a lovely city. I wish for you sunshine and blue skies!
Cindy Huckemeyer:
April 28, 2013
Glad u had a safe trip! I feel like a voyeur-sounds wonderful!
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