Rippin' up Cozumel in a hired Jeep

August 27, 2008 - Cozumel, Mexico

After a VERY lazy morning... Ok, Ok.  After sleeping ALL morning we eventually got up, packed our things and left the hotel.  We walked just round the corner to a little café / restaurant place where we ordered some lunch.  Well Ana ordered and I made a suggestion to the waiter, apparently, as he said "No, no, no!  You could eat that at home!  I make you something special!".  Err... Ok.

He returned with a massive kind of steak sandwich baguette thing, which was really nice.  Dariel and Abril joined us half way through and regaled us with a vivid story about Dariel yelling down the porcelain megaphone when he had eventually made it home the previous evening.  Lovely.

We settled up and went to a car rental place where Dariel was able to negotiate the none tourist rate for a Jeep.  With me driving we headed back to Dariel and Abril's house for supplies and piled everything into a cool box, stuck some hippedy-hop rap music stuff in the CD player and headed for the beaches on the other side of the island.

We stopped by some craft stalls and walked past to a small area of beach between two great big rock outcrops.  Myself and Dariel went in for a swim but the girls declined as the waves were quite powerful and there were lots of rocks under the surface.  Just as I was getting out I noticed my camera was displaying a "Cover Open" warning, even though the cover was firmly closed.  The bast**d thing was broken and won't do anything while the warning is displayed.  Not even upload pictures onto the PC.  So no photos for a while due to a dodgy micro switch.

Anyway, we decided to go a bit further down the coast to a rock free section of beach where we could all get out onto the surf.  We splashed around and body surfed for ages and ages until we were all exhausted and jumped back in the Jeep.  We went back to the house, showered and changed then headed out to a small seafood place which only a local would ever find.

The food was great and inexpensive and exceedingly filling.  My shrimp and pasta dish beat me before I'd even reached the half way mark!  We drove round town a little (roof down, music up), looking at the houses along the seafront as some were allegedly for rent.  We didn't find any.  All of us were flaking a little by this point so we decided to spend the rest of the evening watching films at the house.  I think we were all asleep before 1am...  I blame the sea air...

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May 21, 2009
I loved Cozumel, what a naturally beautiful place, we stayed there thanks to our Royal holiday vacation points, and we had the time of our lives. We tried the local food and enjoyed the music and Mayan sites.
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