Plane Ticket Mission Impossible

October 20, 2008 - Toluca, Mexico

So, after booking some flights online but not wanting to pay using my UK credit card we had to somehow pay for the tickets.  Fortunately Mexican airlines are well used to the 'no credit card' situation so offer a number of alternatives, such as paying at certain stores and banks.

Ana, Jorge and I set off to find a place to pay for the flights.  However, the flights can only be paid for on certain days at certain places.  After much messing around we decided to get the bus to a big shopping complex just out of town which has a Volaris (the airline) sales desk in order to pay up and secure our seats.  When we got there we were told that the ticket sales system was different to the online system and so she couldn't find our booking.

OK, deep breath...  She gave us a phone number to call in order to get a different code or something so we could go to another shop and pay.  This is where it gets complex; I had booked a seat for myself under my name at one rate, then Ana, Jorge and Alan under Ana's name at another rate.  Doing it this way saved us paying the higher rate for all four of us.  So, the guy on the phone says that as we now have less than four days before we travel then the only option is to pay by card or the seats will be cancelled.  Fine.  Ana tells him not to change the booking while she talks to me and will phone back.

I agree to put all the flights on my card and have the others pay me in cash.  We phone the guy back, give him all our reference numbers and... the dick had cancelled my ticket.  Thus we only had three seats for four people.  Genius.  He then told us that he could re-book my seat, but it would cost double what I had originally reserved it for.  We told him where he could insert his tickets and stupid reservations system and cancelled the lot.

Feeling very down we went and found a bar to sit in.  But that didn't help the mood of disappointment so I made some excuses about it being late and left with Ana.  When we got home I decided I wanted one last look at the booking system.

I found that by coming back a day earlier that we had planned we could ALL book for the cheaper rate that I had found the previous day.  Score!  That saved us around 1,500 Pesos!  Fortune must have been smiling on us.  I paid by card to avoid any more messing around and that left us a day to get things done before we left.

Once up and about we did our chores (getting money, doing our laundry etc.) by early afternoon then all met up for a celibratory drink.  We got messed up.  Playa is definately a party town.

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